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Pretty good Sunday for picks for The Stack yesterday.  10-3 so far this week with one more game to pick tonight between the Philadelphia Eagles and New Orleans Saints.  More on that game in a little bit.  Right now, it's time for some reaction from all of Sunday's games so let's get right to it and see what's in "the stack" for today, Monday, November 5:

Denver 31 Cincinnati 23

Peyton Manning and company looked really good once again on Sunday.  The Bengals played them tough, but Denver is really gelling right now.  They'll make a run at homefield advantage in the AFC before everything is all said and done.


Baltimore 25 Cleveland 15

This game had to have been much closer than Ravens fans would have liked.  After jumping out to a quick 14-0 lead, the Ravens offense stalled.  They probably should have given Ray Rice the ball more.  The defense gave up a bunch of yards, but held the Browns out of the endzone.  Big win for the Ravens to take the taste of that beatdown they suffered at Houston out of their mouths.


Green Bay 31 Arizona 17

Yes Green Bay won and Aaron Rodgers threw four touchdown passes.  But the injuries they are suffering, particularly to their receiving corp are a bit alarming.  Will they continue to plow through?  Most likely.  But losing Jordy Nelson for any amount of time will be difficult.


Houston 21 Buffalo 9

This game was closer than most people would have thought.  The Texans looked a little sluggish in my opinion, but got by their former teammate Mario Williams and the Bills.  At 7-1, the Texans know they have to continue to play well with the Ravens, Steelers and Broncos on their heels.


Indianapolis 23 Miami 20

What a day for Andrew Luck.  Set a rookie record with 433 passing yards in the Colts victory over the surprising Dolphins.  Perhaps even better, was head coach Chuck Pagano's postgame address to the team.  Continued thoughts and prayers on your recovery coach.


Detroit 31 Jacksonville 14

Tough to tell if the Lions are really on the right track.  After all, they did play the Jaguars.  But Mikel Leshoure's three touchdowns show that the Lions can run the ball and do it with a bit of success.  Then again, it was against Jacksonville.


Chicago 51 Tennessee 20

The Bears defense was at it again.  Another pick-six (this one by Brian Urlacher) and a blocked punt for a touchdown.  This team is simply amazing.  Going to be tough to beat them especially with Brandon Marshall has three receiving touchdowns as he did Sunday.


Carolina 21 Washington 13

This was supposed to be a game that Washington won...a game where RGIII outshined Cam Newton.  But Newton outplayed RGIII and the Panthers defense played really well.  The big winner in this game though is Mitt Romney.  If the Redskins lose their final home game before an election, the incumbant has lost eight of the nine elections with 2004 (Bush over Kerry) as the exception.  Thanks for the knowledge on that one ESPN.  Not that I want to see it happen.


Tampa Bay 42 Oakland 32

What running back Dough Martin has done these past two weeks is nothing short of stunning and amazing.  Another 251 yards rushing (franchise record) and four touchdowns.  A star is born in Tampa.  His name is Doug Martin.  Overshadowed Carson Palmer's impressive day of 414 yards in the losing effort.


Seattle 30 Minnesota 20

What has happened to the Minnesota Vikings?  Their defense was so good to start the year.  Now they can't tackle anyone.  Christian Ponder played so well at the beginning of the season.  Now he can't make a throw downfield at all.  Might be time to go to Joe Webb.  All this takes away from Adrian Peterson's spectacular day running for 182 yards, but Russell Wilson was cool, calm and collected throwing three touchdowns and having zero turnovers.  That's why the Seahawks are undefeated at home.


Pittsburgh 24 New York Giants 20

The Giants didn't look like themselves Sunday.  That will probably happen after the week they went through, but for the Steelers to fly in on the day of the game and win has to be a little concerning for Tom Coughlin.  Expect the Giants though to bounce back.


Atlanta 19 Dallas 13

There's a reason why the Falcons are undefeated.  They make the plays when they really matter.  Huge drive in the fourth quarter to wind the clock down and essentially win the game.  The Cowboys missed a couple of tackles that proved critical on that drive.  They just seem to come up short when the game is on the line.  One reason the Falcons are undefeated and the Cowboys are 3-5.


Philadelphia Eagles @ New Orleans Saints 8:30 PM ET ESPN

Prior to Darren Sproles breaking his hand, I thought this game was a lock for the Saints.  Their offense was going to destroy Philly's defense and their defense would do just enough to do win the game.  Not saying that the offense still won't have a big game, but Sproles is a big impact player to go down and not play in this game.  The Eagles must be viewing this as a must-win game.  Their offense should like what they see from the Saints defense.  Honestly this game is a toss-up.  Won't shock me whichever team wins.

Prediction: Saints 27 Eagles 24


Coming up Tuesday: MNF recap, NFL power rankings and other top sports stories from Mon.




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