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The Stack is a little under the weather on this Election Day so we're going to keep things short.  First though, you all need to get out and vote today.  It is a right and a privilege to vote in this country and the stakes are very high.  Many people in other countries around the world would love to vote in a fair election and vote for the next president of the United States.  Let your voice be heard.  Now let's take a look at "the stack" for today, Tuesday, November 6:

Saints top reeling Eagles

The same mistakes that got the Philadelphia Eagles into a 3-4 mess plagued them again Monday night.  Michael Vick threw a pick in the redzone that was returned for a touchdown and the defense couldn't stop the Saints running game in the first half (what?!) as the Saints won 28-13.  Drew Brees was efficient.  Now I don't want to get all crazy here, but if the Saints can get that type of performance from the defense and running game the rest of the year, with Brees as quarterback, the Saints have a shot at the playoffs.  Problem is though, they haven't been consistent all year so the hopes that they can do this the final half of the year are very, very slim.  The situation is dire in Philly.  Vick struggled, the defense struggled and Andy Reid's job it would appear is very much on the line.  Maybe the Eagles even pull the plug on him before the end of the year.  For a team with this much talent, they shouldn't be 3-5.  Whoever you want to blame, this team will see a drastic shakeup in the offseason if they don't turn it around fast.


NFL Week 9 power rankings

1. Atlanta Falcons 8-0

On national television, hopefully the Falcons got some of the respect they say they deserve.  Good offense and defense has them undefeated and number one in these power rankings.

2. Chicago Bears 7-1

That defense is something else.  They just keep scoring touchdowns.  Add to that the Jay Cutler-Brandon Marshall connection and the Bears are definite Super Bowl contenders.

3. Houston Texans 7-1

Best team in the AFC didn't look great against Buffalo, but they'll continue to put the pedal to the metal with Denver, Baltimore and Pittsburgh on their heels.

4. San Francisco 49ers 6-2

On a bye, 49ers got a win when the Giants lost, giving them an edge in overall records though the Giants haven't had their bye.  Playoff position in NFC is going to be interesting.

5. Denver Broncos 5-3

Peyton Manning had a couple of bad interceptions Sunday, but both sides of the ball are really clicking and given Denver's remaining schedule, home field advantage is possible.

6. Baltimore Ravens 6-2

Ravens got another scare from the Browns, but got a much needed win.  Still have a weakness on defense and the offense is either hot or cold.

7. Pittsburgh Steelers 5-3

The offense is starting to really play well in Todd Haley's system.  Their defense is still causing problems too.  Steelers are in it for the long haul.

8. New York Giants 6-3

Given everything that happened last week, I expected a more inspired performance from the Giants.  Tom Coughlin will get these guys to bounce back.

9. Green Bay Packers 6-3

Packers keep winning, but the injuries that keep mounting, particularly to their receiving corp, have to be concerning to the team and their fans.

10. New England Patriots 5-3

On the bye, Patriots increased their lead in the AFC East with both Buffalo and Miami losing.  Patriots can further distance themselves from the Bills after next week.

11. Indianapolis Colts 5-3

Some performance by Andrew Luck (433 passing yards, rookie record) and a passionate postgame speech  by head coach Chuck Pagano.  Colts are the surprise of the league.

12. Seattle Seahawks 5-4

Russell Wilson continues to impress.  He shows remarkable poise for a rookie quarterback.  Seahawks are definite contenders for a playoff spot.

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-4

Probably a little higher than they deserve, but considering what Doug Martin has done the last two weeks, any lower would be a slap in the face.

14. Miami Dolphins 4-4

Dolphins continue to surprise even in a loss.  Ryan Tannehill looks good and despite the loss, the Dolphins still have a decent shot to make the playoffs if they can keep up the way they've played.

15. Minnesota Vikings 5-4

Vikings are starting to look like the team we all expected.  Adrian Peterson played like a superstar.  The defense did not, nor did Christian Ponder.  Might be time to start looking for a new quarterback.

16. Detroit Lions 4-4

Lions are starting to get on a roll.  Nice to see they have found some success running the ball which will help the offense make plays down the field.  One more road game before a heavy slate of home games the second half of the season.

17. San Diego Chargers 4-4

Chargers beat the Chiefs like they should.  We'll see if they are ready for Doug Martin and the Bucs in Tampa on a 1 pm kickoff time.  I have my doubts.

18. Philadelphia Eagles 3-5

There seems to be very little hope in Philly that Reid and Vick will turn this thing around.  Too many injuries and too much inconsistent play.

19. Dallas Cowboys 3-5

Jerry Jones was upset that he couldn't get into the locker room after the Falcons loss Sunday. He may just want to keep the team in there so they don't lose another game that they had every right to win.

20. Cincinnati Bengals 3-5

Bengals couldn't quite find a way to beat Denver.  Should they lose to the Giants to cap off an 0-3 homestand, you can pretty much kiss any chance of making the playoffs good-bye.

21. Arizona Cardinals 4-5

Make that five losses in a row now for the Cardinals though they did have a little more success running than the previous week against San Francisco.  Downhill slide will continue.

22. Buffalo Bills 3-5

Bills were game against the Texans, but ultimately could not find the endzone.  Patriots are coming up and then we'll see if the Bills can come out of what most predict is a 3-6 hole.

23. St. Louis Rams 3-5

After the drumming the Rams received in London by the Patriots a couple of weeks ago, they now have to go to San Francisco where another drumming appears to be waiting.

24. New Orleans Saints 3-5

Finally the defense stepped up and the Saints found a running game.  If they can consistently get that kind of effort, and with Drew Brees, don't count the Saints out just yet.

25. Washington Redskins 3-6

Lackluster performance by the Redskins against the Panthers.  RGIII seems to be coming back down to Earth it appears.  Not enough weapons for this team to be considered a threat.

26. New York Jets 3-5

Jets have had two weeks this coming Sunday to figure out their offensive identity.  May it include a little more Tim Tebow?

27. Carolina Panthers 2-6

The Panthers defense made life difficult for RGIII and Cam Newton played a solid game.  Finally the Panthers didn't doom themselves with any self-inflicted mistakes.

28. Oakland Raiders 3-5

Allowing over 200 rushing yards in the second half to Doug Martin is not a recipe that will help you win many games.

29. Tennessee Titans 3-6

Lifeless performance against the Bears.  Offense was bad, defense was bad, special teams was bad.  All pointing towards a bad season.

30. Cleveland Browns 2-7

If you want to beat division opponents, you have to convert some of those red zone opportunities into touchdowns, not field goals.

31. Jacsksonville Jaguars 1-7

Yesterday was bad.  At least they've led in a game this season unlike our last place team. 

32. Kansas City Chiefs 1-7

When you haven't led in a game at any point this season, this is where you belong.


Remember to get out there today and vote!

Coming up Wednesday: Reaction to biggest stories in sports


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