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The Stack is back on this Thursday still trying to recover from this bug.  It's not going away, so "the stack" will once again be a little thin today.  Also still recovering from Election Day, but that's a whole nother story.  Let's get right to it and see what made "the stack" for today, Thursday, November 8:

Indianapolis Colts @ Jacksonville Jaguars 8:20 PM ET NFL Network

You can tell we're a little thin today when we lead off with this.  Yes week 10 is upon us and for those of us who love the NFL, we are treated with an AFC South matchup between the 5-3 Colts and the 1-7 Jaguars.  Kudos to the Colts for shaving their heads in support of head coach Chuck Pagano.  I think that is pretty neat.  Great form of team unity as well.  Andrew Luck played out of his mind last week.  He probably won't have to do nearly as much this week against a Jagaurs team that has played abysmal at home this year.  0-4 at home.  Still, if there ever was a game that the Jaguars can win at home, it's this one.  Short weeks typically favor the home team and the Colts better be ready for the Jaguars to come out of the gates ready to roar.  No Maurice Jones-Drew though is a concern.  It will not shock me if the Jaguars come out of this one with a win, but Luck and the Colts really seem to have something special going on here.

Prediction: Colts 27 Jaguars 17


NHL, NHLPA continue to talk

Today will mark the third consecutive day that ongoing talks between the NHL and the players' union go on in hopes of ending the lockout and allowing the NHL to play at least a partial season.  Plenty of obstacles remain, but there appears to be progress.  Hockey related revenue seems to be a topic that both sides are finding some common ground on.  Also the length of contracts and the NHL's willingness to honor deals prior to the lockout or the "Make Whole" provision.  The eternal optimist would say that this is a definite good sign that hockey will be played this year.  But those of us who are hockey fans know all too well that disappointment may be right around the corner.  Let's hope not.  It is a very positive sign that both sides are continuing to talk.  Time to be optimistic?  Maybe, getting there at least.  Hope to see more good news come out today.


Finally before we go, a couple of other oddities.  One, the Los Angeles Lakers are 1-4 following their 95-86 loss to the Utah Jazz.  Still way to early to panic if you're a Lakers fan as the team needs some more time to gel and develop chemistry, but this is certainly not the start that most people envisioned for a team that is expected to make a run at the NBA Finals...And no real huge college football games this weekend.  Perhaps the biggest though is Texas A&M versus Alabama 3:30 PM ET CBS.  If Alabama wins, the win the SEC West.  A&M is a tricky opponent though.  They should be ready.  That appears to be the best game on the schedule and Alabama will win.  We're winding the season down.


Coming up Friday: NFL Week 10 picks.

Coming up next week: College basketball preview


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