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The Stack is back on this Monday and there are no more undefeated teams in the NFL thanks to the New Orleans Saints knocking off the Atlanta Falcons.  Think I called that one.  Almost the exact score too.  One more game tonight to wrap up Week 10 as the Kansas City Chiefs visit the Pittsburgh Steelers.  More on that game in a little bit.  Right now, it's time for some reaction in "the stack" for today, Monday, November 12:

Baltimore 55 Oakland 20

A franchise record for points scored in a single game.  That's what the Ravens accomplished yesterday.  Boy did they look impressive!  Joe Flacco was absolutely on.  He threw for 341 yards and three touchdowns.  Playing a team who flew cross-country and isn't that good helps though.  Ravens keeping pressure on the Steelers to keep up with them.


Denver 36 Carolina 14

The Broncos defense was absolutely magnificent against the Panthers.  They sacked Cam Newton seven times and made life miserable for him all game long.  However, a huge missed call on a punt return for a touchdown by Trindon Holliday has a lot of people talking.  Sure looked like he let go of the ball before he crossed the endzone.  Yet, the replay guys upstairs didn't overturn it.  They should have.  Someone's got some explaining to do.


Cincinnati 31 New York Giants 13

The Bengals had to have this game and they took it to the Giants.  Andy Dalton was in full control throwing four touchdowns.  The Giants have some issues.  They need to flip the switch on, because right now, it's off and it may cost them come the playoffs.


Tennessee 37 Miami 3

For a team that gets blown out regularly, the Titans sure know how to deliver a blowout themselves.  Ryan Tannehill looked like a rookie and any mojo the Dolphins had from the last couple weeks is gone, at least for one week.


Minnesota 34 Detroit 24

Never expected the Vikings offense to look that good without Percy Harvin.  But Adrian Peterson dominated with 171 yards and a touchdown.  What he is doing right now is simply remarkable.  He deserves comeback player of the year and I will argue with anyone on that.  Disappointing loss for the Lions, but Calvin Johnson (207 receiving yards and a TD) sure looked good.  Now it's time for five home games in the final seven games.


New England 37 Buffalo 31

Had Ryan Fitzpatrick not thrown that interception, we may be talking about why the Patriots don't look like the Patriots of old.  Tom Brady was ordinary and the defefense struggled.  The Patriots are in real trouble against teams like the Texans and Broncos should they meet in the playoffs.  Then again, doubt Bill Belichick.  That's what he wants.


New Orleans 31 Atlanta 27

No longer are the Falcons undefeated.  The Saints made a huge goalline stand late in the game to preserve the win.  The Falcons really struggled to run the ball and stop the run.  The last two games, the Saints have somehow found a running game.  They've also played their way back into the playoff picture.  Falcons will still win the division pretty easily and they are still the best team in the NFC, but they do have some flaws.


Tampa Bay 34 San Diego 24

The Bucs were able to win a game without Doug Martin going off.  The Chargers once again let a halftime lead slip away from them and Philip Rivers threw a couple of questionable interceptions.  Don't know if the Bucs have enough to make the playoffs this year, but the Chargers are definitely not going to the playoffs.


Seattle 28 New York Jets 7

There is just something about Century Link Field that brings out the best in the Seahawks.  They play so well there.  The defense didn't allow an offensive touchdown and the offense did enough to get the win.  Sidney Rice even threw a touchdown pass.  Seahawks are looking good and a likely playoff team.


Dallas 38 Philadelphia 23

The Cowboys season isn't officially over yet.  They put together an impressive performance against the Eagles yesterday.  Of course, it helps when the opposing teams' quarterback leaves with a concussion.  That's what happened to Michael Vick and rookie Nick Foles was unable to lead the Eagles to a victory.  The Eagles season is lost.  Andy Reid is as good as gone as is Vick.


St. Louis 24 San Francisco 24

The first tie in almost four years.  I always wonder how a team feels about a tie.  Could help, but it could hurt.  A couple of missed field goals by each team in overtime.  The Rams could have won this game had they just snapped the ball a second faster as Greg Zuerlein connected on a 53-yard field goal.  The delay of game though make it a 58-yard field goal and he was unable to connect.  The 49ers have bigger concerns though, as in the health of their quarterback.  Alex Smith left the game with a concussion.  49ers need him back.


Houston 13 Chicago 6

Tough to gauge this game and both teams given that they played in rainy conditions.  Houston's defense was definitely ready and they made life miserable for the Bears offense.  The Bears defense was good as well, but Houston's offense was just a little better.  Of more concern for the Bears is the health of Jay Cutler.  He left with a concussion.  Don't know how bad it is, but the Bears need him if they want to have a successful season.


Kansas City Chiefs @ Pittsburgh Steelers 8:30 PM ET ESPN

I'll keep this short and easy.  The Chiefs haven't led in a game at all this season.  EVER!  The Steelers are playing really good football right now.  Shouldn't overlook the Chiefs, but really?  It's just the Chiefs.

Prediction: Steelers 27 Chiefs 10


Coming up Tuesday: MNF reaction plus other top stories in sports


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