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Ok just a little info for you about the so called great SEC

They are as a conference 15-0 against FCS foes

They are 4-6 as of right now agianst AQ teams out of conference play with the best win coming agianst Michigan

The bottom half of the conference is a combined 10-39 in conference play(bottom 7 teams) Georiga is the only team not to play a FCS foe

They have a combined 3 teams winless in conference play witch is the same amount as the othere 5 AQ conference combined.

This league is very top heavy but nobody talks about it, they play pretty much nobody out side of conference play. I mean they say theres no off week in the SEC but yet they are 0-3 against big east

  Now i know the top teams are very good but it seams nobody is talking about how they get to those nice records except a couple games with other top teams in the conference

While ND is 11-0

No FCS teams

9-0 against AQ teams

Now if you say they dont play in a conference thats fine, they only play the same 8 teams each year and they are, USC,Michigan,Michigan st, Purdue, Pitt, Boston College, Navy and Stanford.

so what would be out of conference play for them would be  Oklahoma, Wake Forest, BYU and Miami

So tell me people who is it that plays a tougher schedule, Notre Dame or every team in the SEC

November 18, 2012  01:39 PM ET

Lets see, 6 SEC teams are in the BCS top 10, what other conference can say that? IrishDJ531, you wouldn't be a homer would you? I myself prefer the Big12. But the SEC is the overall best conference in my opinion. Just saying.

November 18, 2012  03:09 PM ET

I did say there top teams are very good, not dogging them on that. Just trying to argue with those people who think every week in the sec is a dog fight when the facts say diferent. I just get tired of oh Oklahoma will kill ND before they play them and then when ND won, oh well Oklahoma just isnt that good this year. I try to be as objective as i can while admiting I'm a ND fan and cant wait for next week and if ND wins there going to play Georgia or Alabama. Then we can find out what a lot of people wanna know, would ND be able to hang with the boys down south?

November 19, 2012  03:44 PM ET

I think the Irish came hang, it they play like they did against the Sooners, but it they play like they did against Pitt and BYU, it will be a long night for them! You saw what Bama did to Michigan? I saw ND struggle against that team. All things being equal, which they're not, ND deserves to play for the Championship, assuming they get by USC, and I'll be betting that they do. GL to your Fighting Irish!

November 20, 2012  01:31 AM ET

Beating Stanford, Michigan, Oklahoma and (if they do beat) USC would be the toughest schedule in the country. And that would be without a defeat for you Alabama fans.


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