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The Stack is here on this Wednesday and there is not a ton of big news to talk about.  The NHL and the NHLPA may be closer to a new CBA deal, but until a new deal is reached, it's hard to be optomistic.  Anyway, let's get right to it and see what made "the stack" for today, Wednesday, November 21:

Rutgers joins Big Ten

Not shockingly, Rutgers agreed to join the Big Ten as the fourteenth team Tuesday.  Maryland announced they would join the Big Ten on Monday.  As I mentioned yesterday, the only reason these schools joined the Big Ten is because of the almighty dollar.  It is really quite sickening.  These moves are ruining college athletics.  Very soon, we'll have four or five super conferences with twenty teams in each one.  College athletics is going down a slippery slope.  Hope this ends soon.  The thing of it is, no one knows the next domino that will fall.  Who will it be?  What conference will raid another conference or two next?  Whoever it is, we'll know the dollar is behind the reason.


Ed Reed now not suspended

After a lot of outrage (which most likely had nothing to do with it) and an appeal by the Ravens safety, Ed Reed's one game suspension was reduced to a mere $50,000 fine.  Reed would have been suspended because of his third violation for aiming for the head trying to make a tackle.  His latest violation came against Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Emanual Sanders Sunday night.  At some point, players have to know that they can not continue to play the way they used to with the NFL so focused on player safety.  Most players have changed their style of play.  Some haven't and Reed may be trying to change, but he is putting himself in some bad situations.  Still, some hits are unavoidable, especially when the receiver turns into the defender.  The defender has no time to change how he hits the receiver as he is already in the middle of trying to lay a big hit.  So it is difficult to judge.  Perhaps the NFL never had any intentions of having Reed's one game suspension carry out.  They just wanted to make an example out of Reed and make everyone else aware that they will indeed suspend you if you go for the head.


Jim Harbaugh's curious comments

San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh's postgame comments regarding his quarterback play are perplexing.  One Colin Kaepernick did have a good game, but the Bears were absolutely awful Monday night.  They weren't expecting Kaepernick to play that well.  They were flat all night.  You can't expect Kaepernick to put up those types of stats week after week.  Two, Alex Smith has done enough to deserve his starting job back.  Just because he misses one week with a concussion is no reason for taking away his job from him.  He's lost two games this year.  That's not bad at all.  What are you doing to his confidence?  If he struggles against the Saints, then pull him in favor of Kaepernick.  But just because Kaepernick had one good game doesn't mean it is time to declare him the starter.  Jim Harbaugh has always been a little crazy, but he may be playing with fire here that ultimately will hurt his team.


Finally before I go, Danica Patrick is splitting up with her husband of seven years meaning she is on the market.  So you're saying there's a chance?  Yeah, I have no chance, though I'd like one.

And what about Jack Taylor from Grinnell who scored 138 points in his teams 179-104 win over Faith Baptist?  What's that?  You've never heard of Taylor or Grinnell.  Well that is because Grinnell is a D-III school.  He went 52 of 108 from the floor including 27 for 71 from three.  What an amazing performance.  We'll probably never see a performance like that for a long, long time.


Coming up Thursday: Thanksgiving Thursday football preview



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