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Happy Thanksgiving one and all!  The Stack is here stuffed with predictions for the three NFL games today.  Not trying to be corny here, but there is some good stuff in today's blog.  So don't be a turkey.  Find out what's in "the stack" for today, Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 22:

Houston Texans @ Detroit Lions 12:30 PM ET CBS

Every Thanksgiving, the Lions provide us with background noise as we eat with our family and friends.  It's tradition.  Now the Lions have played better or at least have been more competitive in recent years, but still they lose.  Eight in a row for those of you keeping score at home.  They have a decent team, one that can put up a lot of points.  Given what the Texans did on defense last week against the Jaguars, some might think it is safe to assume that the Lions offense will have a lot of success.  But this is a big game for the Texans.  Another nationally televised game.  They want to show people that they are the best team in the AFC, maybe even the entire NFL, and that last week's narrow overtime win over the Jaguars was a fluke.  I think it was a fluke.  Short week or not, the Texans are clearly the better team.  Their defense will frustrate the Lions and Arian Foster will have a big game.  Lions may make it interesting at the end, but I like the Texans to make it nine straight losses for Detroit on Thanksgiving.  Oh and as a side note, the Lions need to stay on Thanksgiving.  It's tradition.  And you don't mess with tradition.

Prediction: Texans 30 Lions 20


Washington Redskins @ Dallas Cowboys 4:15 PM ET FOX

The Cowboys got a real scare from the Browns last week.  They could have, perhaps should have lost that game.  They're putting pressure on the Giants for the NFC East lead and they can ill-afford to have a slow start or lose a game here to an opponent they should beat.  RGIII and the Redskins are no ordinary opponent though.  The Cowboys defense better be ready for what RGIII brings to the table.  He's shown he can make the big throws and be a pocket passer as well as use his legs and have a nice stable ground game.  But there have been times where he has been contained and looks like a rookie.  The Cowboys may have some injuries on offense that has led them to be inconsistent at times, but the Redskins defense isn't very good with injuries a major contributor in their struggles.  I can see RGIII carrying the Redskins on his back and leading them to victory, but the Cowboys know what is at stake in this game.  Could be closer than the experts think or it could be a blowout.

Prediction: Cowboys 27 Redskins 17


New England Patriots @ New York Jets 8:20 PM ET NBC

Bill Belichick has received plenty of criticism this week for keeping Rob Gronkowski in on the extra point late in the game that broke Gronk's arm.  Even without him, the Patriots are still loaded on offense.  And given that the Jets played them close in Foxboro, the Patriots will come out focused and hungry.  Belichick will want to show his genius to the world that they can still do plenty of good stuff on offense without Gronk.  Getting Aaron Hernandez back helps a lot.

Prediction: Patriots 34 Jets 17

Once again, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Enjoy the food, football and family today.  All in that order, haha.


Coming up Friday: NFL Week 12 preview and predictions



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