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What an absolutely crazy and nutty day and no, I am not talking about Black Friday.  I'm talking about the wild day of NFL football we saw.  Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving.  If you're in Detroit or a Lions fan, it probably wasn't very happy.  That was a terribly officiated game.  Yes, the Justin Forsett touchdown should have been called back.  He was absolutely down.  The real refs were blind as bats for that.  Still, Lions head coach Jim Schwartz threw the challenge flag, a no-no considering that all scoring plays are reviewed.  Not only did he get a fifteen-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, but the score was not reviewed per NFL rule.  Got to think that will be changed in the offseason if not sooner.  But there were multiple pass interference penalties that were not called against the Lions and Ndamukong Suh more than once should have been called for a personal foul for cheap shots on Texans quarterback Matt Schaub.  Very poorly officiated game.  Shouldn't expect to see Walt Coleman and his crew ref a playoff game this season. 

RGIII certainly put on a show didn't he?  Another four touchdown performance as the Redskins upset the Cowboys 38-31 and are right back in the NFC East chase.  RGIII is the first rookie quarterback to throw four touchdowns in back to back games.  He was absoultely great and in a game that the Cowboys needed to win to put pressure on the New York Giants, they could not do anything right in the first half and a rally in the second half came up short.

Then there was the debacle in New York.  That is probably the best way of putting things following the Jets 49-19 blowout loss to the New England Patriots.  Tom Brady was magnificent throwing three touchdowns and running for another score.  The Patriots put up 35 points in the second quarter alone, including three touchdowns in a 53 second span.  Horrible performance by the Jets.  They deserve every boo they got last night.

Picks for the week so far are 2-1.  How will the rest of the week turn out?  It's time to look ahead and make some picks for week 12 in the NFL in "the stack" for today, Black Friday, November 23:


Minnesota Vikings @ Chicago Bears 1:00 PM ET FOX

Vikings have had two weeks to prepare for the Bears since they had a bye last week.  Percy Harvin's health is still an issue though.  Any chance the Vikings had of winning may be gone following the Bears beatdown they suffered against the 49ers Monday night.  The defense will play angry.  If Jay Cutler doesn't play, the Vikings have a small chance, but I think he'll play and the Bears will end their two game losing streak.

Prediction: Bears 31 Vikings 10


Oakland Raiders @ Cincinnati Beangls 1:00 PM ET CBS

Bengals have played well the last two weeks.  This could be a trap game, but the Bengals can see a playoff spot in their sites and they will not lose the Carson Palmer homecoming game.

Prediction: Bengals 24 Raiders 17


Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cleveland Browns 1:00 PM ET CBS

The Steelers are down to their third string quarterback.  Charlie Batch!  Isn't he like 50 years old?!  If the Steelers want to win this game, their defense will have to carry them.  Browns have played well though lately.  Right now, I'm thinking Browns for the upset.

Prediction: Browns 19 Steelers 13


Buffalo Bills @ Indianapolis Colts 1:00 PM ET CBS

I can really see the Bills going into Indy and winning this game.  But Andrew Luck and the Colts know they have to fend off the rest of the field for that final playoff spot and Dethey'll fend off the Bills.

Prediction: Colts 27 Bills 17


Tennessee Titans @ Jacksonville Jaguars 1:00 PM ET CBS

Which Titans team will show up against the Jaguars?  The one that beat the Dolphins 37-3 on the road or the one that got blown out by the Bears at home?  The Jaguars showed a lot of heart last week against the Texans.  With Chad Henne starting the rest of the year, I think they can get a win here.  Going for another least for now.

Prediction: Jaguars 24 Titans 20


Denver Broncos @ Kansas City Chiefs 1:00 PM ET CBS

The Willis McGahee injury will not slow down the Broncos against the one win Chiefs.  Peyton Manning and company will roll.

Prediction: Broncos 27 Chiefs 9


Seattle Seahawks @ Miami Dolphins 1:00 PM ET FOX

The Seahawks flying cross-country for an early kickoff is a bit of a concern, but their defense is phenominal and they'll wreak havoc on the Dolphins offense.

Prediction: Seahawks 23 Dolphins 13


Atlanta Falcons @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1:00 PM ET FOX

The Falcons have looked awfully shaky the last few weeks while the Bucs have looked very good winning four in a row.  Honestly, if the Bucs win this game, it will not shock me, but I think the Falcons regain their focus and win a hard fought game.

Prediction: Falcons 27 Bucs 24


Baltimore Ravens @ San Diego Chargers 4:05 PM ET CBS

Wonder how many bad interceptions Philip Rivers will throw in this game?  Might just be one or maybe two.  Regardless of how many, the Ravens are the better team going in the better direction and they will win this game.

Prediction: Ravens 27 Chargers 17


St. Louis Rams @ Arizona Cardinals 4:25 PM ET FOX

Both teams have struggling offenses.  The Cardinals are starting Ryan Lindley at quarterback.  That spells trouble.   Going to have to rely on that running game to move the offense.  I can see either team winning this one, but I have more faith in the road team's quarterback.

Prediction: Rams 20 Cardinals 16


San Francisco 49ers @ New Orleans Saints 4:25 PM ET FOX

The 49ers put on an impressive show Monday night, but the Saints are the hottest team in the NFL right now.  If Colin Kaepernick starts, the 49ers can pull off a win.  If he doesn't, I think the Saints offense will outscore the 49ers and get past their defense.  This will be a highly entertaining matchup.

Prediction: Saints 30 49ers 27


Green Bay Packers @ New York Giants 8:20 PM ET NBC

The Packers have won five in a row while the Giants have lost two in a row.  So both teams are going in different directions.  The Packers barely got by the Lions last week and the Giants know they have to get going here soon to hold off the Redskins and Cowboys to win the NFC East.  At home, they get the job done.

Prediction: Giants 27 Packers 24


I sense my record is not going to be very good this week, but I'm putting my name to this.

Coming up Monday: Week 12 Sunday NFL reaction plus MNF preview



November 23, 2012  10:44 PM ET

I agree that the Detroit game was poorly officiated; but where is the outrage. If they were still the replacement refs, we would send the lynch mob after them. However, these are the "real" refs and they get a pass. They are doing the best they can, and we will update the rules next year.
I am just saying....

November 26, 2012  08:25 PM ET

They are receiving their fair share of criticism. There was a lot of uproar on the rule more than the refs, but I don't know anyone that is giving these refs a pass.


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