Three weeks into the season.... THREE WEEKS!! Im already hearing it.... ALREADY!! Its time for STAT to go, Knicks need to trade him, trade him for Pau Gasol, Knicks get the 'passive' second option Melo needs, Lakers get another pick and roll dynamo to go along with Nash and Howard! It's the perfect move, perfect fit for both players, both franchises, how can this NOT happen!!

In the Christmas Spirit I graciously scream....


The Knicks dont need another change, the Knicks need stability.... another change,  leads to another season of excuses.  Im tired of excuses, reasons, the "if this happened" and the "if this didn't happen"....... BAA HUMBUG!!! I want to hold THIS team accountable... "THIS" team.

I know I'm speaking from emotion, haven't yet spit a single fact, but believe me my argument here is not solely based on emotion. Statistics, yes... STATISTICS, STATS, MATHEMATICAL SCIENCE... show that the Knicks can be successful WITH Amar'e.

Before we dig into some stats, I need to preface my argument by saying this; STOP!! Stop using the Mike D'Antoni era as proof that Melo and STAT cannot be successfull together... it's no longer relavant.  We should only base Melo and STAT's future success on what we saw under Mike Woodson.... why you ask? Because Woody is who is here now... bottom line.

Under Mike Woodson the Knicks have played 10 regular season games with Melo and Amar'e in the lineup. During in those 10 games the Knicks were 8-2.  Yes, the Knicks flamed out in the playoffs. But the Knicks showed toughness, gritt and resiliency to make it through 4 different starting PG's, injuries to Melo and STAT, Linsanity, a coaching change andto  climb back from 6 games below .500... TWICE .... to finish 6 games above .500 and in the playoffs. With injuries to Lin, Shump, STAT's hand and Davis, Knicks had nothing left to give, their energy sources were tapped.  So I will base everything on this 8-2 record.

During this 8-2 stretch STAT and Melo proved that they can play together and be successful, very successful.

They won by an average margin of 15.25 points. They beat every above .500 team they played during this stretch,  IND 2x, PHI, ATL and LAC respectively losing to TOR and CLE. 


The offense wasnt the best, but it was decent, they averaged 100.8 ppg, on 21.5 assists per game on 46% shooting from the field. 

STAT averaged 16.5 ppg and 8 rb while shooting 56% from the field, he also averaged 10 shots per game during this stretch on only 30 minutes per game.

Melo averaged 16 ppg, 5 rb and 3.5 ast while shooting 15.5 shots per game (13.6 if you exclude the one game he shot 32 shots vs ATL scoring 39) on only 30 min per game.

Scoring and shot attempts were distributed evenly.


The defense was a stalwart only giving up 91.1 ppg holding teams to an avg 43.45% shooting. Mind you this is WITH Amar'e in the lineup.

In tight games where both Melo and Stat played more minutes, their shots and points obviously went up,  Melo avg. 22 ppg & 7 rb  and Amar'e avg 17.6 ppg and 9.3 rb. In the tightest game vs ATL Knicks won 113 -112 Melo dropped 39 &10 while Amar'e dropped 22 & 12. 

Looking at these numbers, under WOODY, its seems obvious to me that Melo and Amar'e can and will be very successful together.  Especially given the fact that management picked up pieces that fit into what the Knicks utilized to win during that stretch..... except.... they have upgraded pieces and more of them.  Take a look at the player comparison below:

J. Lin (13 ppg & 5.4 ast) played the role of Felton (15.1 ppg & 7.1 ast)

B. Diddy (7.3 ppg & 4.7 ast) played the role of Kidd (8 ppg & 3. 4 ast)

Shump (7.5 ppg & 3 rb) played the role of Brewer ( 7 ppg & 3.8 rb) but now we have Shump and Brewer

Jr. Smith was and remains the scoring spark off the bench while Prigs upgrades Douglas

Camby, Cope and White replace Jorts, JJ and um... homey we included in the trade for Felton.. oh Dan Gadzuric

Novak avg 10 ppg during this stretch while Sheed is avg 8 ppg now being that stretch 4 every team so sorely needs.  Of course this team still has Novak giving this team a deeper all around bench that Amar'e will be returning to.

This team will be successful with Amar'e, it would be foolish to trade him without giving the team a chance to flourish.

But Gasol has titles?

OK..... but check the stats!  Amar'e avg 21.6 ppg & 8.8 rb for his career Pau avg 18.6 ppg and 9.2 rb per game.  Pau never led Memphis any where, as a matter of fact Pau never won a playoff game until he teamed up with Kobe and the Lakers. He was actually swept by Amar'e and the suns on their way to the Western Conference Finals in 2005.

Besides Tim Duncan, KG, & Dirk (all older then Amar'e and Dirk, I'm not sure if he is a 3,4, or 5)Love & Griffin have better stats, and are the future, but not as accomplished....... YET) its hard to find an active NBA power forward who is more accomplished than Amar'e on his own merit.  He's missed the playoffs only 3 of his nine years in the NBA,  won Rookie of the year, is a 6 time NBA All Star, and went to the Western Conference Finals twice.  Amar'e was one of the leaders of the Suns, it wasnt all Nash, STAT avg 20 ppg and 9 rb before Nash came to PHX, they enhanced each others careers. Yes those PHX teams were deep and Amar'e was the center piece.

I know, I know Pau and Bosh have titles... your exactly right, but if Amar'e wouldv'e been traded to the Lakers to play with Kobe, Bynum, World Peace, and Odom or teamed with Wade and James... he'd have a title too.  But on their own merit.... neither Bosh or Pau is as accomplished. Bosh and Pau were in 2 & 3 playoff series respectively before moving on to the Heat and Lakers. Amare played in 5 playoff series and has been to the Western Conference Finals twice before teaming up with Melo, Tyson, and Kidd

Yeah, But Amar'e is injury prone

I urge you and others to really start looking at the numbers.  Yes Amar'e missed a whole season due to his knee injury, then missed more time due to a freak accident to his eye.  But lets compare Amar'e to Pau and to Bosh for that matter on his game attendance.  Amar'e had his knee surgery during the 05-06 season since the surgery Amar'e has played 421 of 492 games.  During this same time period Gasol has played 418 of 492 and Bosh has played 417 of 492 games.  But I never here that they are injury prone.  Hmmm I wonder why?

Well Amar'e sucked last year

Well...... I mean... Ok, Amar'e wasnt in top form last year, but lets look at the stats..

Amar'e avg 17.8 ppg & 7.8 rb on 48% shooting

Gasol avg   13.4 ppg & 9.1 rb on 50% shooting

Bosh avg    18.0 ppg & 7.9 rb on 48% shooting

Aldridge avg 21.7 ppg & 8 rb on  51% shooting

Griffin avg  20.7 ppg & 10.9 rb on 54% shooting

Amar'e avg 32 mpg last year the lowest since his 06-07 season. Gasol avg 37 mpg, Bosh 35 mpg, Aldridge avg 36 mpg, if Amar'e had 36 mpg he'd avg 20 and 9.  Bosh, Aldridge and Griffin all mad the All Star Team. 

Needless to say, even in a down year, Amar'e is among the top PF's in the league.


Without Amar'e their is no Melo, no Tyson, no Kidd.  Yes, Amar'e signed for the $$, and I keep hearing no one would give him the contract he wanted... lol....OK.. really? Some team would have taken a chance on Amar'e. trust me, he would've gotten a very nice contract.  At the end of the day Amar'e agreed to come to New York, he agreed to deal with the media, the pressure, the scrutiny, he knew what came along with New York and still he declared "NY IS BACK" !

Say what you want about Dolan... but the one thing he is is loyal, to a fault... Ask Isiah...smh.  Dolan may not make the best basketball decisions, but he does believe in giving a chance and being loyal to those who are loyal to him. That being said... I doubt he trades Amar'e..... "right now"

Not to mention, Amar'e personifies NY.  Look at his background, his story resonates with so many New Yorkers.  We need his kind of character and perserverance on this team.

I know, this was a lot to read, but I had a lot to say... but at the end of the day.... Amar'e stays in NY. 

1. He and Carmelo can and wil be successful together.  The stats UNDER WOODY prove it.

2. Amar'e is accomplished with a lot of experience.  His basketball and life experience lead to the kind of character, perserverance and resiliency a team needs to win and be successful.

3. Dolan is loyal.  NY and Amar'e took a chance on each other.  Neither wants to or will abandon the ship

Amar'e is here to stay..... I'm riding with him.... are you?

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November 29, 2012  01:34 PM ET

You can't "respectively" lose to teams like Cleveland or Toronto and be expected to be taken seriously.


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