Let me just start off by saying I will take an criticism given to me to heart as this is the first time I have done anything like this. Also, I appreciate any of who you read this and hope I can continue to provide you with something interesting to read on a regular basis. With that out of the way here are my NFL Power Rankings going into week 13. In my rankings I will say why the team is where they are in terms of position as well as what I need to see from them in order for it to be higher. Please feel free to share your thoughts. 1) Houston Texans (10-1): Other than the Atlanta Falcons, the Texans are the only team with 1 loss in the NFL going into the coming week. Yes, they have had some close games and had to pull some magic the previous two weeks against the Jaguars and Lions. That being said, They still find a way to win and never quit on any play. What I need to see: Not a whole lot. They win games and that's what matters. If anything I would like to see the defense I saw the first half of the season as it has looked shaky at times over the last few weeks. 2) San Francisco 49ers (8-2-1): How can they be ahead of Atlanta? Simple. Other than a few losses and a mind boggling overtime TIE to the St. Louis Rams, the 49ers have looked great on both sides of the ball especially the defense coming on strong last week against the saints high powered pass game. Not to mention it seems as if they can win no matter who starts at QB between Alex Smith or Colin Kaepernick. What I need to see: A little more consistency. They tie the rams in what I saw as an easy win. Yet the go into the Superdome with a backup QB in Colin Kaepernick and go on to beat the saints because of both offensive and defensive plays that were made. Maybe there should be a changing of the guard? We can only wait and see 3) Atlanta Falcons (10-1): Yes, they are 10-1. Yes, they can win games. That is why they are in the top 3 and not lower. But the Falcons have won SEVEN games by 7 points are less and their one loss came against a great offense in the Saints. Other than that the high flying Falcons should remain in the top 5 the rest of the way. What I need to see: Wins. Convincing wins. Other than a complete blowout against the beyond awful Kansas City Chiefs and the disaster that is the San Diego Chargers none of their wins have been eye popping. It's only a matter of time before the walls come crashing down. 4) Baltimore Raves (9-2): We all saw what Ray Rice did. I mean that says it all. The Ravens have guys that wont quit and despite all the injuries on defense they manage to persevere and come out on top. If that offense picks up, watch out NFL. What I need to see: Joe Flacco throwing better. I am Wacco for Flacco I ahve been since he entered the league but when he has bad days it seems as if the ravens can only hope to keep it close to have a chance. 5) Chicago Bears (8-3): Bringing back the meaning to defense wins championships. Not to mention the reuniting of Cutler and Marshall has paid off nicely for that bears offense. Although the injury bug seems to be catching up to the bears I expect them to stay put and continue to rise. What I need to see: Stay healthy. If the bears are healthy this can easily be a super bowl contending team. Cutler was out for one game and I have never seen such a disaster by the bears offense with him out. It may seem shocking but Cutler IS the MVP of that offense 6) New England Patriots (8-3): Fun fact of the day. The patriots are the only team to lose 3 games by 4 points. All coming on the lat drive of the game. They could easily be 11-0 but they aren't. A=In the last 5 games they have blown every opponent out of the water and look like a terror in the AFC. What I need to see: Defense. That has always been their problem. If they can play consistent defense there will be no pressure on this team at all. Also, how will they factor against the Texans and 49ers later on? 7) Denver Broncos (8-3): Peyton Manning may be the greatest thing to happen to Denver since John Elway, and with the way Peyton's brother is playing.....could we possibly see an all Manning super bowl? What I need to see: How long can they keep it up? And how much does Willis McGahee getting hurt affect the Broncos offense. If the run game stays they will be fine. 8) Indianapolis Colts (7-4): I knew Andrew Luck would be good, but this good? Nobody say this coming and if the Colts keep this up there is a chance we may see a playoff game with Luck going up against that Manning guy mentioned up above. You know, the guy he replaced? What I need to see: Can Luck finish out the season without struggling. He has looked amazing so far. Also, can the defense make plays when it counts. if the defense makes stop for Andrew Luck, just look as last season as a "speed bump" for the Colts. 9) New York Giants (7-4): Would have been lower if Eli played the way he did the previous 3 weeks. But Eli showed he knows how to win by picking apart that Packers defense. Granted Green Bay didn't have everybody they needed, but Eli did more than enough to convince me. What I need to see: The run game. When they run they win it's plain and simple. When Bradshaw and the rest of the backs have gotten at least 100 yards rushing they have not lost plain and simple. 10) Green Bay Packers (7-4): If only they won these two would have been switched. What I need to see: DEFENSE. Last week showed that Aaron Rodgers is human and has his bad days. if the defense doesn't show and neither does will be a long day for the Pack. 11) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-5): Josh Freeman has a big receiver in Jackson and Doug Martin is a rookie sensation. If the Bucs keep stringing together wins they may be a sleeper threat come playoff time. What I need to see: How that defense can adjust. Talib is gone. Last week the starting corners didn't even play. If this defense can hold the ground it could get interesting. Does anybody else notice defense is a common trend here? 12) Cincinnati Bengals (6-5): A.J Green, Andy Dalton, and a fairly solid defense. A great young team led by a 2nd year QB . The sky is the limit here. What I need to see: More from the run game. The Bengals can't rely on the pass game forever. Eventually teams catch on and learn how to stop you. 13) Pittsburgh Steelers (6-5): You could honestly put any 6-5 team here after cincy. I have them at 13 because big Ben hasn't played the last 2 weeks and him missing is definitely hurting. If he comes back the Steelers have nothing to worry about except holding the wild card spot. What I need to see: A run game because it seems whoever they stick back there is afraid to hold a football or power ahead full steam. And big Ben needs to stay healthy or it will be a long end to Pittsburgh's season 14) Seattle Seahawks (6-5): They've been playing well this season with some miraculous wins thrown in there, but nonetheless they get the job done. What I need to see: More from the pass game. If they can pass it will take pressure off of a lynch who can start picking up more yards. 15) New Orleans Saints (5-6): The show glimpses of old, then glimpses of why the need their head coach back desperately. The Saints control their destiny. What I need to see: DEFENSE DEFENSE DEFENSE. It seems like they cannot stop one play from getting a first down. work on the defense let the offense do its thing, and good things will happen 16) Minnesota Vikings (6-5): If Percy Harvin doesn't come back everybody knows it just means stop AP. Vikings may be looking at a losing record by seasons end. And with the Pack coming up, well good luck. What I need to see: A fully healthy offense. Give the Vikings that and you give them a world of possibilities. 17) Washington Redskins (5-6): RG3....what is it with the rookie QB's?! If they win against the Giants Monday night, the NFC East will look quite interesting. What I need to see: Once again, defense. The fact that they almost blew the game against the Cowboys is scary to me. get it together 18) Dallas Cowboys (5-6): Speaking of the Cowboys. They have the talent, they really do it just doesn't show. Lets not forget Murray has been out and the run game has looked unbearable to watch unless its on the opponent's 1 yard line. What I need to see: Somebody that can run the ball. If Romo throws almost 60 times a game he is bound to throw a least 1 interception. Give the man a break. 19) Miami Dolphins (5-6): Been playing much better than expected and could potentially sneak in as a 6 seed in the playoffs if they can get a win streak going. Just keep an eye out people. What I need to see: A consistent offense. one game it's there, the next it isn't. When the defense does well the offense doesn't and vice versa. Everybody needs to be on the same page, the talent is there. 20) Detroit Lions (4-7): should be 5-6 but apparently we aren't allowed to challenge plays when a red flag is thrown illegally. The lions have all the promise to sneak in as a 6 seed if they can get it together and a couple teams lose here and there. It will be tough but it is doable. What I need to see: Less penalties and more play making when it counts. it seems as if the lions can play all day....until the end 21) St. Louis Rams (4-6-1): I don't even know what to say. They sure can play they just decide no to sometimes. Bradford needs to show he can get them to the playoffs soon or it may be time to make some changes. What I need to see: More of what I saw from the defense this past week. When the Rams play D they know how to win and make it convincing too. 22) Buffalo Bills (4-7): Always hyped as "their year" and then they blow it. CJ spiller is the RB of the future averaging 7 yard per carry and the Amish Rifle leads the team as always under center. The defense just needs to learn how to stop the ball somehow. What I need to see: Live up to that hype. This could have very well been "the year" and they went and blew it. A little late to save the season but they could possible do it. 23) Arizona Cardinals (4-7): Remember when they were 4-0? Me either. The Cardinals are an offensive no show ever week and the ship has hit rock bottom. What I need to see: Kevin Kolb for a full season, or a QB who can actually throw to these receivers on his team....not the defense. 24) Tennessee Titans (4-7): They have the pieces, they just don't know what to do with them. and CJ2k looks like CJ0k a lot more often then the Titans would like to see. What I need to see: Everybody playing at their full potential. I feel as if they are a diamond in the rough, we just haven't seen it yet. Give it time unfortunately. 25) San Diego Chargers (4-7): God bless everybody on this team and their job positions. Especially after last week. Just an awful season. You think Rivers misses Jackson? What I need to see: The offense making smart plays and the defense making tackles. As we saw last week making tackles is a very hard task for them. 26) Cleveland Browns (3-8): It may not be a pretty record but the confidence is building and by next season Cleveland may have something to cheer about again. What I need to see: Just how good is Brandon Weeden? It may not be this season but by next year expect big things from this young man 27) New York Jets (4-7): Running into the lineman and fumbing for a TD, Fumbling the kickoff for a TD? allowing THREE TDs in 52 seconds????? This may as well be madden on rookie mode. They would be lower, but they have 4 wins so some credit needs to be given. What I need to see: Tim Tebow, a new coach, a new GM, Tebow, a new QB, and better run game....did i mention Tebow? In all fairness they are missing their best corner. 28) Carolina Panthers (3-8): They are not nearly as bad as their record shows as they have stayed in most games this season until the final seconds. What i need to see: CLOSING OUT GAMES. Carolina could easily have beaten Atlanta Tampa Bay if they just closed out the game. When they learn that, big things will be in store for them. 29) Oakland Raiders (3-8): I wonder what this team would be like with a defense.....hmmm? What I need to see: A healthy running game and a defense that can stop players from crossing the first down mark play after play after play. 30) Jacksonville Jaguars (2-9): if Chad Henne Started all season I think they had a chance for at least 6 wins if not more. Maybe Gabbert isn't the answer. What I need to see: How well the Henne-Blackmon connection really is. They have a chmistry you see with only few players in this league, and that could lead to something special. 31) Philadelphia Eagles (3-8): My heart goes out to Andy Reid. No man should have to endure what he has at this point in life. The team however is an absolute train wreck from top to bottom. The offense can't make plays, the O-line can't block long enough, and the defense looks more lost than a kid on his first day of high school looking for his classes. What I need to see: New coaching, New offensive line, New everything. Just scratch the season and put a fork in it 32) Kansas City Chiefs (1-10): Weren't they supposed to win the division according to preseason predicitions? or at least make the playoffs? I don't think anything needs to be said here except WOW. What I need to see: I really have no idea. They almost look like a wasted talent this year. draft a QB? I don't know, I just don't.


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