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Not a ton of BIG news yesterday in the world of sports.  The Stack doesn't have a ton to talk about today, but you know what?  Sometimes that is ok.  Here are a few headlines and thoughts in "the stack" for today, Wednesday, November 28:

Indiana crushes UNC in ACC-Big Ten challenge

What was thought to be the marquee matchup of the annual ACC-Big Ten challenge turned into a blowout as the number one team in the land Indiana pummeled UNC 83-59.  Cody Zeller led the way for the Hoosiers scoring 20 points.  While Indiana looks legit, I have questions about UNC.  I think they are too young to make a huge run in the tournament this year and don't believe they'll compete for the ACC.  NC State I thought would grab the bull by the horns and take the ACC.  While the season is still young, NC State hasn't looked great (they lost 79-72 to Michigan State), but Duke has.  Now I'm not willing to say Duke has a Final Four or national championship run in them, but with the way Plumlee is playing and Curry, Duke looks like the clear front-runner to win the ACC.


More conference musical chairs

If you thought that Rutgers and Maryland leaving for the Big Ten would be it for teams jumping conferences for a while, think again.

  • Tulane and East Carolina are leaving Conference USA for the Big East though East Carolina is joining just for football only.  Great additions for the Big East...not.  They should rename the conference Mediocre East with some of these recent additions.
  • The ACC is going to add Louisville to the ACC.  That would be a good addition, especially for basketball, but it's not needed.  You just got Pittsburgh and Syracuse and Notre Dame.  So you lost Maryland.  Big deal.  Go cry about it.  For the record, UNC says they're staying in the ACC.  Take that for what it's worth.
  • Denver is moving from the WAC to the Summit League.  The WAC is falling apart.  Pretty soon, that conference will fold.  There just aren't enough good teams for that conference to stay together.  Good move by the Summit League.

That's it on the conference realingment news...for now.  This is just ridiculous, am I right?


College football coaching news

Several pieces of news from the college football coaching world on Tuesday...

  • Kentucky hired Florida State defensive coordinator Mark Stoops to be their new head football coach.  Good move by the Wildcats.  Stoops brings a lot of credibility and should be able to turn around the laughingstock of a program that is Kentucky football.  Now it will take some time, but if Vanderbilt can become competitive in the SEC, so can Kentucky.
  • Arkansas is going all in on trying to lure LSU's Les Miles away from Baton Rouge.  They've reportedly offered a five-year deal worth $27.5 million.  That is a lot of money, but why would Miles leave LSU?  Another challenge?  He's done great things at LSU.  They're always right there for the national title.  If he could find a legit quarterback, these team would be by far the best team in the country.  Why leave for Arkansas?  His agent is meeting with Arkansas to further discuss the offer.  Might just be a power move to try to get more money from LSU.  Hope that's the case.  Be a shame for the mad-hatter to leave.
  • And Penn State's Bill O'Brien will remain at Penn State.  He went 8-4 this year, stunning many people given what all happened in the offseason.  Nice move by O'Brien.  Wish him the best of success.


Lakers lose to Pacers despite Kobe's 40

Wait!  The Lakers lost?  Despite Kobe Bryant scoring 40 points?  Must have been a high scoring game.  79-77 the Lakers lost?!  Did the rest of the team not show up?  I thought head coach Mike D'Antoni had this high scoring, kickass offense.  77 points?  Better go back to the drawing board or take the lid off the hoop.


Coming up Thursday: TNF preview plus other top stories in sports.


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