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Notre Dame pulled it off with defense and they are waiting on another SEC team to play against for the championship.  Clearly, going undefeated is awesome but facing an offense from either will be a huge challenge. 

Bama brings experience and the best coach in college football.  They can look unbeatable at times but struggle against a mobile QB and at times have issues on offense.  Georgia has a good defense but they have to prove they can beat a strong offense.  Their offense can play well, but they also have struggled in pressure games and the coach needs to prove this team and his leadership can win a huge game with a good team.

It is an even match up on paper but we all know games can get ugly quick if a team gets caught sleeping, UGA vs. Carolina.  Bama will stack up the line to stop Gurly and make Murray beat them.  That is the question that will be answered, Murray has put up huge numbers but struggled against great teams.  Can he finally show he is more that a system QB and can lead and play at a high level against a strong team?

I believe it will be a close game with great defensive plays by both teams.  If Georgia can show up on offense and make Bama keep pace, Georgia wins.  If Bama's defense keeps Georgia's offense off the field and makes Murray have to score, Bama will win big.  Both Bama and UGA have had one bad game but clearly UGA'a lack of passion and play at Carolina makes UGA fans nervous.  In Bama's defense they had a bad first quarter in their loss.  Also, UGA fans are uncertain if BoBo can call a big game for the offense.  We know their defensive coach will be yelling and emotional but can he lead and show them how to stay in control if things get ugly early.  There is no doubt Saban will have his team ready and they will show up ready to play.

It will be close and I am picking Georgia to win by 7.  I know I am fan for UGA, so my pick is bias but I believe a correct one.  Sometimes, when everyone expects a win by a team, the unexpected happens, expecially in the SEC.  Who would have thought Vandy would finish so well and get a bowl bid after their crushing defeat by Georgia?  Texas A & M lost early or we would be talking about them now.

Notre dame deserves the chance, it is not their fault the system does not require them to be in a conference, clearly it should.  I have no issue with not playing for the conference championship, but they should be in a conference.  Their defense is strong but the offense has struggled and that cannot happen if they expect to beat or even play with the SEC.

No matter what, it will be a great weekend showdown in the SEC with Florida watching and a lock for a BCS bowl game and the loser out of any BCS bowl game.  We are all excited about the playoffs next year but it is a joke.  With only four teams in, there will be several watching that should be playing.  I believe the playoffs should have all conference champions and some runner-ups as a wild card (based on their BCS ranking).  That creates many bowl games and a chance for many teams to have a shot, like Texas A & M.  Also, teams like Oregon, K-State, and Florida who lost one game, they should get a chance both Bama and UGA are getting now with one loss.  There are many like them that are playing at a high level now.  It would even make Notre Dame join a conference in football. Sometimes a record whether undefeated or one loss, does not define how good a team is at the end of the season.  Let the playoffs decide that and there is no confusion in any poll.  If a team is undefeated and banned from a bowl game, they should not be ranked in any poll.  Sorry Ohio State, but it is what it is and we did not create your mistake.  However, they will be a strong team next year and enter the season in the top 5.

I guess creating playoffs is too easy, let's keep complaining about the weak schedules, it is the system, do not play the teams.  Until there are real playoffs, there will always be a great team watching the final game.




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