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If you're a college football fan you think, scratch that, you know that college football is the greatest sport on the planet. You also probably know how chaotic college football has become. Especially around the highest division in the sport. A never ending string of conference realignments and the future implication of a playoff is tough for everyone to keep up with. You'd think that teams would get tired of all of this, instead the opposite has happened. You have many teams from the FCS moving into the FBS, even teams that have only been playing football for a few years. Nevertheless one thing is still a constant, if it's not won by an independent, a team from a major conference will win the National Championship. teams from other conferences have came close, but ultimately they have jumped ship to one of the big six. And let's face it, do we really expect a team from the MAC or Conference USA to win a National Championship any time soon? In the FBS, you have over 60 teams working their butts off for what? At best a birth in a BCS bowl, but usually a conference championship. Even if they do manage to go 12-0, they will still get passed over for a 11-1 team from the SEC, Big 10 and the other big six conferences. It just doesn't seem right that half the teams in the FBS don't get a real shot at winning a National Championship. Meanwhile in the FCS, you have a similar problem. Because of the FCS playoffs, it doesn't get talked about as often. However, you usually have teams from the top conferences dominating. Those who dominate the FCS mostly come from the Southern, Missouri Valley, Colonial and the Big Sky. Just like the FBS, you have teams in the FCS with a better shot at winning a National Championship than others despite having a similar record. The only solution I see requires creating a third sub-division in Division 1 football. This sub will get the MAC, Conference USA, Sun Belt and the Mountain West from the FBS and the Southern, Big Sky, Colonial, and Missouri Valley from the FCS. This will level the playing field of the FBS and FCS, and it will give teams from the former FBS conferences the shot at a National Championship. But don't think that the former FCS will just become cupcakes. Many FCS teams have been successful against teams from the FBS. The Sun Belt is full of teams from the FCS and one of the most successful teams not in a big six conference (Although they are now) was a part of the FCS less than 15 years ago. I'm of course referring to Boise State. A new sub-division will put an end to a lot of the chaos that currently dominates the FBS, it will benefit tons of teams, and overall it will be great for college football.


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