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Please. Give me the sound of a NASCAR V8 engine. Or better yet, the wonderful tone of a Formula One car or the unbelievable note of a NHRA Funny Car producing 7000 horse power. That folks is what auto racing is about.

Sorry. But I don't need this electric race car crap. Maybe it's just that I'm too old. But that's the way it is.

And I thought the first electric car race would be in France. But no, it's in Italy. I guess that's just as appropriate.

Bring your ear plugs. The sound will be deafening. Who knows? There may even be a squeal of tires under breaking. Or even better, they could provide some type of synthesized engine sound that went up and down with the "whir." Maybe even run by solar panels. The options and excitement is, well, how can I put this? It's all quite underwhelming to me.

However, here is a major question that I'm not sure has been addressed: What are the effects on the human body (hearing canal, heart, liver, lungs, nervous system) from a constant nauseating sound and power waves that the electric cars will produce? Hmm. I'm quite concerned about what this electric stuff might do to my gonads. Have the studies been done? What happens if pregnant women attend multiple events? What if it causes massive unwanted abortions of 'wanted' children? Well, it could be another avenue for Planned Parenthood to kill unborn babies - just send their clients to Electric Car races.

"Houston. We have a problem!"

Just how do these fools think they're going to produce all this electric power? They always make it sound like it's free. "Oh, boy, free power." Another question I have, and this is a big one: Do they have any concept of what massive electric energy production from the sources they suggest will have on our planet? No. The only concern of the green weenies is Global Warming. And guess what? It isn't happening. And, even if it were, their Al Gore type vision is misplaced and is far from the solution. It's a scam. Do you find anyone talking about the carbon foot plant of producing electricity? No, of course you don't. Every wonder why? Because it's huge, it's massive.

Oh. You say, what about a free ticket to the first Electric race? No thanks. I don't have the time, desire or interest. I'm stuck in real auto racing. And besides, the stench from electric motors makes me puke.

December 3, 2012  03:01 AM ET

I agree with everything you said.....no disagrees today LOL

It's ironic that in summer time during heat waves, we are all asked to conserve our electricity uses, specifically a/c usage......so even if only 1/4 of the population had an electric car, that's a serious problem.....it could get to be a choice between fridge on or car plugged in.

December 3, 2012  03:04 AM ET

The type of stock car looks has changed over the years for more safety and less showroom, but it still runs, sounds, smells like a stock car.......I will stop watching Nascar if they ever morph over to electric cars.

As for the race in Italy, I won't be watching that eithor, even though I am hungry for a good race.

December 23, 2012  12:56 PM ET

I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Have a safe drive if you have to travel. Enjoy the food, families and friends. If Christmas is not your belief, then please have a Happy Celebration with those that are near and dear to you. CHEERS !

Thanks for the good blogs that you write......does not matter how many comments they get, that does not take anything away from their quality.


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