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Seems like I say it every week, but another wild NFL Sunday is in the books.  There were some amazing finishes and stunning performances and The Stack is here to talk about it all, so let's get right to some reaction in "the stack" for today, Monday, December 3:

Buffalo 34 Jacksonville 18

Buffalo's defense certainly came to play in this game.  They made life uncomfortable for Chad Henne most of the game.  Buffalo will need more performances like that one the rest of the season if they want any chance of making the playoffs.


Seattle 23 Chicago 17

The Seahawks said this was a "must-win" game if they wanted to make the playoffs and boy was Russell Wilson and company clutch late when the game really mattered.  In overtime, they were methodical and made sure that the Bears wouldn't have a chance to touch the ball.  All of the injuries the Bears suffered the week before may have had a factor, but the Seahawks came in and simply played better.  Now the Bears are tied with the Packers in the North and the Seahawks are looking good for a wild card spot.


Indianapolis 35 Detroit 33

How amazing is Andrew Luck?  I mean really!  What an incredible last minute drive to win the game against Detroit.  For Detroit, to leave Donnie Avery wide open on the drag the last play of the game is inexcusable.  The Colts have something magical going on this season.


Green Bay 23 Minnesota 14

When you have a running back rush for 210 yards in a game, you should win.  Teams with a 200 yards rusher are 57-2 all-time.  Make that 57-3 after the Vikings loss to the Packers.  Christian Ponder played absolutely awful.  It is time for the Vikings to cut their losses with him.  He's the reason they lost this game.  That and their bad third down defense.  Packers win will quiet the critics for now and they are tied for first with the Bears in the NFC North.


Kansas City 27 Carolina 21

Had to think the Chiefs had some help and inspiration from above in their win.  Saturday's events are simply tragic.  Thoughts and prayers to everyone involved.  Just so long as three-month old Zoey is taken care of, that's what really matters.


New England 23 Miami 16

Ho-hum.  Just another division title for the Patriots.  Make that ten times in Tom Brady's career he's done that.  Didn't have to be stellar to get this done.  Patriots have a couple of really tough games ahead of them (Texans and 49ers), but they'll be ready.  Brady won his first game in Miami in the month of December.


New York Jets 7 Arizona 6

This game was just awful, simply awful.  And no Jets fans, Greg McElroy is not the answer though I think we've potentially seen the last of Mark Sanchez in a Jets uniform.


St. Louis 16 San Francisco 13

Hard to believe that we were 26 seconds away from another tie had it not been for Greg Zuerlein.  Huge win for the Rams.  Their defense played really well.  Wonder how 49ers head coach is going to sell Colin Kaepernick as the starter this week.


Houston 24 Tennessee 10

This game wasn't even close.  The Texans have clinched a second consecutive playoff birth, but not the AFC South since the Colts continue to win.  That may be a good thing for the Texans.  Keep them sharp.  They forced six turnovers on Sunday.  Not bad.


Denver 31 Tampa Bay 23

The Bucs had the Broncos on the ropes for the first half, but Peyton Manning and company got going in the second half to put the Bucs away.  Hard to believe, but the Broncos may have both the offensive MVP and the defensive MVP in Manning and Von Miller who had a pick six in the game.  And to no one's surprise, Denver has won the AFC West.


Pittsburgh 23 Baltimore 20

Stunning!  Absolutely stunning!  How the Steelers, with all of their injuries and having Charlie Batch as their starting quarterback went into Baltimore and beat the Ravens still blows my mind.  Maybe it was Mike Tomlin putting the entire team on notice when he demoted several starters and shook up the starting lineups.  Whatever it was, the Steelers may have saved their playoff chances and therefore, their season.


Cleveland 20 Oakland 17

The Browns have a winning streak, albeit two games.  The trio of rookies (Weeden, Richardson and Gordon) were a big reason why.  They've played much better than their record shows.  The future looks brighter in Cleveland, much brighter than in Oakland, that's for sure.


Cincinnati 20 San Diego 13

The Bengals did not play an especially good game.  They had three turnovers and made silly mistakes that they haven't made in a while.  But when it really mattered, the Bengals made the plays that got them a win (something the Chargers haven't done this season) and keeps them in the AFC playoff hunt.


Dallas 38 Philadelphia 33

Much closer game than most everyone thought, but the Cowboys managed to keep their season alive with a win.  They need to not get off to such slow starts.  That will kill any playoff hopes.  The Eagles look like they have a keeper in Bryce Brown.  He was very impressive once again.


New York Giants @ Washington Redskins 8:30 PM ET ESPN

What a MNF this is going to be.  Eli Manning vs. RGIII.  The Redskins played the Giants close their first meeting and they've played really well the last two weeks against the Eagles and Cowboys.  But the Giants may have finally turned the switch back on after last week's big win over the Packers.  They must respect this opponent though and I think they do.  Going to be very entertaining and it may come down to the final possession.  Won't shock me if the Redskins win this game but...

Prediction: Giants 27 Redskins 24


Coming up Tuesday: MNF recap, NFL power rankings, BCS Bowl reactions and thoughts on the Jovan Belcher tragedy.


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