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Tim Tebow doesn't stand a chance in New York and it's about time Rex Ryan admits that fact and releases him. Ryan has never for a moment planned to let Tebow have any meaningful time playing quarterback for the Jests, even though Tebow has done nothing but win everywhere he's played the game.

Here's your proof positive. While Tebow was available, Ryan rode Mark Sanchez as his guy, proclaiming that, no matter how poorly Sanchez played as the losses piled up, Sanchez gave the Jests "the best chance to win". No way in heck was he going to put Tebow in, even with games out of reach and Sanchez looking more a clown than a quarterback. Sanchez was his guy.

Then Tebow goes down with an injury and he's not available for the Jests' game against Arizona. In an abysmal performance by both offenses, Sanchez actually manages to out-suck Ryan Lindley, the quarterback-needy Cardinals' third string pivot. And Ryan, who has stuck by Sanchez all year long while Tebow was waiting in the wings, suddenly determines that maybe, just maybe Sanchez does not in fact give his team the best chance to win. Ryan drops third-stringer Greg McElroy into the game.

When Tebow was holding the clipboard, no way. But McElroy, sure, why not?

Even worse, McElroy manages to score a single touchdown to win the game for New York (7-6) and suddenly Sexy Rexy starts talking like he's got a quarterback competition going on. Give me a break, Rex. Come out and admit that you don't like Tebow and you will never give him a chance to play quarterback. At least have the guts to be honest with yourself, with Tebow and with the world. Don't give us this "best chance" crap.

Tebow's a proven winner. You just value your own petty prejudices more than winning football games.

And how about the San Fran situation? Colin Kaepernick has apparently won the starting job over a healthy Alex Smith. Coach Harbaugh thinks Kaepernick is the future for a team that could win now.

So he benches Smith, a seasoned, capable vet who led the 'Niners deep into the playoffs last year, and starts the rook. How does Kaepy repay him? Six yards of offense in the pivotal third quarter of a close game against the Rams. SIX YARDS. And, did I mention that Kaepy gave up a safety by throwing the ball out of bounds, short of the line of scrimmage, while being chased in the endzone?

That one play, in my opinion, turned the tide in the game. It gave St. Louis life. And hope. And it was a stupid, immature mistake by a rookie quarterback.

Well, you tell me, Kaepernick performed better in the fourth quarter, didn't he? Well did he?

Yes, Kaepy directed the Niners to 127 yards of total offense in the final frame but he also made a ridiculous attempt at a lateral, deep in his own zone, that the Rams turned into a TD and a 2-point conversion.

And all that offense in the 4th produced exactly two field goals. That left San Fran in a tie and facing overtime. In the extra frame, Kaepy couldn't produce a score. He barely moved the ball. Sure, he set up a 51-yard field goal try (that was missed) but the Forty-Niners took over the ball at the St. Louis 45 -yard-line to start that drive.

Is Colin Kaepernick truly a better choice then is Smith? I don't think so.

And, in the ultimate irony, doesn't it seem to you that Kaepernick, who is being given a real shot in San Fran, is a lot like Tim Tebow, who can't get on the field in New York? A mobile quarterback who beats you with his legs and his arm?


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