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Okay i know Jim Romes career is way better than mine, gets way better tables at retauraunts i cant even afford. Drives a way better car, I got a real good deal on a 1999 tahoe in mint condition for 900 bucks blah blah blah, but to put down Belchers teammates by putting up his jersey in the locker room, or not play the game last sunday because of Jovon Belchers conduct is beyond idiotic.

Point one, even though his actions were beyond crazy, to his teammates he was still family and even though your brothers actions were beyond ludacrious he is still you brother, your teamate and your freind, if any of us had coworkers like that instead of guys all making 30 to 50 grand a year trying to get you fired or backstabbing you or talking behind your back because you smell a little bit that day, we would be beyond lucky.

For us civilians most of us who have ever come close to that kind of love on the job came either in the military, being a cop or a fireman or ambulance driver or some other career that without your homies you could wind up dead. So i doubt a broadcaster has ever come close to that kind of brotherhood, I mean he is  guy who benches maybe 135 on a good day, or a guy who maybe might be getting a good deal at Famous Footwear for a pair of 60 dollar Nikes or something else with aboslutely no meaning in the grand scheme of things.

I would assume his only glory would be pounding beers on his softball team, d league of course. Ya know guys like that with those comments WAS BEING A TYPICAL MEDIA GUY, saying things that are supposed;y politically correct and what he thinks his fans want to hear totally backfired with Romonowski, who stood up to him and said they are a football team and of course they are going to play through adversity, heck the Giants played and some of the players were homeless or did not have any heat in their homes and over a 1000 people lost their lives in Hurricane Sandy so why wouldnt the Cheifs play on Sunday.

Point two: if your homies want to remember you for all the good times you had or what a great guy you were before the tradgedy is their right to do so, period. Coach Romeo Crenell showed alot of courage that day, he watched a young man die in horrible fashion something that would make most of us go into therapy with PTSD, and still had the courage to lead his team not only on the field but to a victory. So my letter to Jim Rome is you were way off base with this one. My heart goes out to  Ms. Perkins and their child, having lost loved ones myself but of course nowhere as horrifically is a pain you never ever get over, All we can do is pray for the beautiful woman and child who"s familys  have lost so much

December 8, 2012  04:51 PM ET

Too bad Belcher didn't start with himself. Murdering scumbag.

December 19, 2012  03:12 PM ET

I definately fell ya on that one my point was not to say that belchers a good guy he is a peace of **** but that his freinds even though wrong had a right to grieve how they see fit and number two that the cheifs play the game no matter what romes said that the cheifs should have sit one out
but to play was the right thing to do


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