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Okay I really like Segals Movies what real guy doesn"t. but Segal should really have his head examined on this one, saying he wants to take him on in the street with no witnesses, I kid you not the article is on todays boxing coloum. First of all i think Segal is in his late fifties, and if you look at a recent picture he is seriously overweight. As a practioner of both Akido and combat submission wrestling akido maybe burns a 100 calories a workout and no gi submission wrestling or brazilian Jiu jitsu burns close to 1000 to 1200 calories per workout, the shape you need to be in just to go one round of bjj or csw is a way higher threshold.

Numbet two Randy also kicks and punches really hard and one strike from randy would put Segal in the nearest hospital. look Akido is a defense based art with not many submissions, when i first started csw i told my instructor about Akido and he said okay lets go, if he goes after randy he is in big trouble, my instructor turned me into a pretzel now to be fair if Randy goes after Steve he has a chance because the whole premise of Akido is taking people down when they come after you or not being there when your opponent tries to  take you down, but in Akido during practice the uke or opponent doesnt fight back he goes along with the flips joint locks and sweeps, now if the opponent did not he could be real hurt in practice but at the same time if the opponent does resist often time Akido doesnt work, and everything in bjj works and works real well.

  Also Steve would have to train for a solid year to do this and actually take bjj classes and also punch and kick focus mitts, stuff Randy does every day for the last 15 years. I mean this is great stuff but Segal would have to get in the best shape of his life just to maybe last a round against Randy, now if Segal pulled out a knife or a sword  Randys done, thats the martial side of Akido, also Steves a expert handgunner, so for the street where everyones armed and weapons are alowed Randy doesnt stand a chance because BJJ is a sport, Akido is a martial art martial means to kill and Akido does teach you how to kill no pun intended, but lets say this is about two senior citizens going at it in the ring or on the street without weapons and Steves in for a world of pain and suffering .

But please Steve lose some weight dude you are fat and no one wants to pay money to see a bloated out action hero, Man i love your movies but if you lost the weight you wouldn"t have to call out Randy just to get publicity, and also your movies would go to theatres instead of straight to DVD


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