So let me get this straight: Pepperdine is now in the Mountain Range Conference. Got it. North Carolina State has joined the WAC but wanted to be in the MEAC had the MEAC offered more money and a few players to be named later plus some cool cars and corrupt boosters. New Mexico State has joined the Big East. Check.

What about Texas A&M? Oh, yeah, I heard they wanted to stay in the ACC so they could compete against Clemson, their arch rivals since the turn of the 20th Century. Some deep south bad blood thing, I guess. What about the SWAC? Did they stay the same? No? Are you kidding me? They had three teams from the SEC decide to join, LSU, Arkansas and Texas, along with Wyoming and Butler. Man that conference is going to be loaded. What parity.

I feel sorry for those guys in the Pac10. They're now the Pac 4 or 4 or whatever and none of the teams have campuses within 1,700 miles of the Pacific Ocean. On the bright side, this could make for some cool road trips for those teams. After playing their games against each other in the LA Coliseum and/or the Staples Center depending on the sport, they can catch a puddle jumper over on their return trips to Vegas and bet on games being played back East where they are based. They might be familiar with some of those teams. They have grown up Southern Conference fans.

Where did San Diego State end up? The what? The NESCAC? What? That's a Division III league for small New England liberal arts schools? Why would it make any sense to have a Division I team from the extreme West Coast play against Division III teams on the other side of the country? Besides the logistical nonsense, competition would be one-sided. They ought to think this one through.

If I were the University of Oregon hockey team, I would file a complaint with the NCAA if they tried to move our team into the Big South or Big North or any other conference. I would tell them I had a Big Problem with any realignment that didn't allow my hockey team to attend all Oregon football games in person because those are the rockingest, ' football games in America out there. And the uniforms-yum-like bubble gum.

Hey, did you hear about the Florida A&M situation? They're going to be part of the WNBA. Don't ask me why. Then there's the odd scenario with Bowling Green. They're going to become part of the Pro Bowlers Association. They don't' have a good blowing team but who cares? Clever concept though, have to admit. Bowling Green going to a professional bowling league.

If I were running a college, I would want my school to become part of the SWAC regardless of where my school was and where the league headquarters was based. Geography phooey hooey. The SWAC is the coolest sounding league in college athletic-of all time I might add. Listen to this sound again: the SWAC. Can you imagine being on a team and telling your high school buddies that you play in the SWAC? They'd envy you, assume you had a bunch of girlfriends. There must be great cheerleaders in the SWAC, everyone would surmise, and they would be right. John Wayne matriculated somewhere in the SWAC even if he didn't stay four years.

I feel sorry for any teams that ended up in the same league with the University of Wyoming. No particular reason. I just would. Maybe Joe Montana would be the league commissioner, which would be cool. He's Joe Cool. I mean, what else needs to be said?

As for South Dakota State, I heard they formed their own league with North Dakota State. It's called the DAC (Dakota Athletic Conference).

"Hey, what league are you guys in?"

"The DAC."

"Hey that's cool, man. The DAC."

I can see students going to games all wearing canary yellow T-shirts saying "Cut us some slack.  We play in the DAC."




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