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The Stack is a little late in posting on this Thursday and there is not a lot to talk about, but we move.  So let's get right to it and see what made "the stack" for today, Thursday, December 13:

Dez Bryant needs surgery, will try to play

Dez Bryant's broken finger does have ligament damage and he will need surgery.  However, Bryant is going to try to play through it.  Whether he can or not is the big question.  The Cowboys certainly need his big play ability on the field, but Bryant has had drop issues this season.  He'll test it in the practice and see if he can catch the ball and test the pain threshold.  We'll find out just how much pain Bryant can tolerate and if he can be effective enough to be able to play and try to help the Dallas Cowboys reach the playoffs.


Close calls in the NBA Wednesday

Wednesday in the NBA saw a lot of close games, none more stunning than the Golden State Warriors upending the Miami Heat in Miami 97-95.  The Warriors have now won five games in a row and the first five games on their current seven game road trip.  No need to worry though if you're a Heat fan.  Come playoffs, this team will be ready.

The Boston Celtics narrowly got by the Dallas Mavericks 117-115 in double overtime.  The Celtics gave up another big lead and they haven't looked all that great this year.

Oklahoma City got a scare from New Orleans, but won 92-88.

The Phoenix Suns handed the Memphis Grizzlies their second consecutive loss, the first time that has happened all season, with an 82-80.

The Utah Jazz beat the San Antonio Spurs 99-96 with a three point shot at the buzzer.  Utah continues to hover around the .500 mark.

And finally, props to the Los Angeles Clippers who have an eight game winning streak following their 100-94 win over the Charlotte Bobcats.  Second longest win streak in team history.  This team continues to make strides and are by far and away the best team in L.A. right now.


Cincinnati Bengals @ Philadelphia Eagles 8:20 PM ET NFL Network

The final Thursday night NFL game of the season is upon us (where did the season go?) and unfortunately, it is kind of a dud, but the game has playoff implications.  The 7-6 Bengals desperately need a win after they lost to the Dallas Cowboys at home last week.  They had multiple opportunites to put more points on the board and extend drives, but failed to do so.  That has to make them mad.  The Eagles appear to have their future quarterback in Nick Foles.  He was impressive against Tampa Bay, leading the game-winning drive.  Bryce Brown had an awful game against Tampa Bay, so he wants to bounce back.  LeSean McCoy may be available and the Bengals have a good defense, but Brown should still have a decent game.  This game means much more to the Bengals, but the Eagles won't back down.  Won't be surprised if either team wins, but because the Bengals need to win to keep their playoff hopes alive, I'm leaning to them.

Prediction: Bengals 27 Eagles 23


Coming up Friday: NFL Week 15 preview and predictions 


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