Here are my Key View Points on the Rangers
and Hamilton signing with The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

The Rangers would not have signed Josh Hamilton for
5 years, $125 Million. But John Daniels was hoping to talk to Josh before he
signed any offer to any other team. JD was hoping that he could convince Josh
to take a Hometown Discount and that the Rangers were a superior to any team
that made him an offer.

It was the Angels offer to Hamilton that
made him not tell the Rangers, and not Josh Hamilton himself. It was JD's own
fault by leaking to the media that Hamilton would take any offer he got and let
the Rangers match it. The Angels made the offer to Hamilton and most likely
told him that if he did go to the Rangers it was voided.

It was the Angels that needed to make the
move and not the Rangers. The Angels got duped last season. Remember the Angels
had one of the highest Payrolls in the MLB going into last year and they could
not make the playoffs. The while the Oakland Athletics won the division with
the lowest payrolls in the MLB.

Angels are still in trouble. They still
have a weak bullpen and a weak back part of the pitching rotation. Mike
Scioscia is in the hot seat and will most likely be fired if they do not make
the playoffs or even win the Division. And they still have to worry about the
Division Champs Oakland Athletics and the Texas Rangers.

Hamilton seems of over shadow the Rangers' Adrian
Beltre (Who was Rangers best all-around player last season) and Nelson Cruz,
both are big HR hitters. The Rangers will still hit HRs and they still have a
good pitching.

Remember, you only have the best farm
system if you use it. The Rangers have had one of the best Farm System, in term
of players, the last couple of years and now you get to see them use it. Olt,
Martin, Profar, Grimm (p), Perez (p), and Scheppers (p) all were in high demand
in trade talks, all made MLB appearances last season, and all could be competing
for Rookie of the Year next year

And As Newy Scruggs, of DFW's NBC 5, Said
it best yesterday (via paraphrasing) "John Daniels has gotten the Rangers
to two World Series and I would not doubt him now! They guy knows what he is

Here are the Rangers that will be competing
to be a part of the Starting Ration Next Season:

Yu Darvish

Derek Holland

Matt Harrison

Coby Lewis

Alexi Ogando

Neftali Feliz

Tanner Scheppers

Martin Perez

Justin Grimm

So Yeah, One Word: STACKED

The Rangers overall are stacked with good
young talent that they could use or trade for players. I wouldn't be too
worried about the void left by Hamilton. Yes there will be a lot of RBIs that
will be missed but I think they can find someone to fill Hamilton's shoes.  



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