I have the panacea for the woeful and wild illnesses of the New York Jets: Norv Turner.

They could bring him to do double duty: head coach and offensive coordinator. Problems solved.

Norv has proven himself a winner-well not that consistent a winner-in his 10 or so years coaching the Washington Redskins and then 10 more spearheading with shrewd leadership the San Diego Chargers. Well maybe he hasn't won all that often, and is not really an inspiring coach who can rally the troops like Rex Ryan but hey he can really call some offensive plays. Maybe he is Elmer Fudd personality-wise but he's competent.

Good play calling puts people in the seats, brings in the cash, ups the TV ratings. Norv will be good for the Jets bottom line. Winning matters, too, but not necessarily for Norv. With the Skins he lost all the time in every which way imaginable. He fell short in about 100 games by 6 points or less. He called some good plays in those games, though. He had that going for him. Didn't win much and never in the clutch--never. His teams underachieved. But that skinny post he drew up looked good on paper.

With the Chargers he upped his game. Granted he lost a ton of games there, too, but man have he and Phillip Rivers been an offensive juggernaut, a tandem that can really tango on Sundays, outwit opposing defenses at least conceptually and figuratively and reputation-wise if I not in the real games. Norv's Chargers were picked to have enough talent to go to the Super Bowl three or four years in a row. They had all-world tight-end Antonio Gates. They had Rivers. They had Norv.

Super Bowls never materialized for Norv and his charging Chargers. Shocking development, it was. They underachieved on the scale of an earthquake every year. But Norv was quite the offensive genius and looked on top of things roaming the sidelines.

I remember the day my Washington Redskins signed Norv to be the new head coach about 20 years ago. There was optimism in Washington. I was highly skeptical of a guy who coached the offense of three Hall of Fame players: Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin, not to mention a great tight end in Jay Novacek and three All-Pro offensive lineman. "Tone" Soprano could have coached that offense to glory. Rex Ryan could have. Rich Kotite could have. I could have.

I know this all sounds crazy, giving a guy with Norv's track record the head coach and offensive reigns of the Jets. But he needs and deserves another multi-year, multi-million-dollar contract. He's been riding his successes to this sort of financial security for two decades. He deserves more of the same. He can tame the beast that is now the New York Jets franchise. He's got what it takes including all the necessarily intangibles.




December 19, 2012  10:53 AM ET

Your forgetting his 'great' years as Oakland's head coach.

or are you?

Seriously the Jet fan base would all die laughing if they hired Norv. So would every Giant fan. Hell I'd have a heart attack laughing.


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