Coaches That Will Be fired

Romeo Crennel - Kansas City Chiefs

No way he doesnt get fired. possible 2-14 win season, even if they somehow blow out week 17 he's getting canned. They have talent on the roster shown by their 5 pro bowl selections despite their record. He hasn't had a good track record as a head coach and i don't expect him to get another chance at being a head coach after this one. 

Norv Turner - San Diego Chargers

Turner should have been fired years ago, but instead got an extension. Now a 3rd straight year without a playoff appearance he's sure to go. He's another one of those coaches that's a great coordinator, but can't lead an entire team. 

Rex Ryan - New York Jets Man have the Jets turned into a joke of a franchise. First 2 years on the job they go to the AFC Championship Game and now their the running punchline of the NFL. Locker room in disarray the last couple years, and now the flip flopping of quarterbacks and the instability of the offense and the losing is the last straw for management. Back to being a defensive coordinator he goes.

Andy Reid - Philadelphia Eagles

Ownership said that anything less than a playoff berth will cost Reid his job and not only did he not make the playoffs, the team went down in flames. Sure there were a lot of injuries especially on offense, but that doesn't excuse the defense from being one of the worst in the league. Reid's gone, but he'll likely be a head coach somewhere else in 2013.


Coaches That Might Get Fired

Jason Garrett - Dallas Cowboys

If they make win this week and win the division, he keeps his job, but if not he could very well be gone in Dallas. We all know Jerry Jones expects to bring home a championship every year, and this could mean the end for Garrett and also Tony Romo if they don't win sunday night. I could see him staying on for one more year, but it's unlikely in my view. Especially if they lose this last game

Dennis Allen - Oakland Raiders

Only his first year in Oakland, but it's been a miserable season for them. Hopefully with Pryor starting this week he can shine a good light to the end of the year.

Chan Gailey - Buffalo Bills

With the addition of Mario Williams this team was expected to push for a playoff spot, but instead the fall off the edge and are going to miss out. Gailey goes, Fitzpatrick goes, New direction for Buffalo.

Lovie Smith - Chicago Bears

Ownership loves him, and yes he's a good coach, but again they miss the playoffs, and after they had such a great start to the year, he could be let go, but it's at 25% i'd say. Wouldn't be surprised if he stays, wouldn't be surprised if he goes.



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