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Here is another angle that a KID should look at it, like Terrell Pryor.


Now, I understand going to Michigan would not leave them in a great situation with an erupting powerful team, but here is what I am saying. Going to Ohio State, he is or will be expected to go to the Championship or at least make a big run for it, since they are currently in it. There could be an injury to Boeckman and he would have to step in, and do GREAT for the fans. I mean, they are a top Contendor for a championship, and they will be going for it all, and won't want any screw ups.

Going to Oregon, he would be faced in sort of the same kind of situation. They aren't losing a whole lot of their team, and they need a GOOD starter, because they are not looking for an average performance, or else he would be benched.

Penn State would put him in a win or die situation, because right now, MANY are saying they are a second rate football program. So they need to show that they are not. in which, if Pryor MUST do well, like he would need to in going there, he would be placed in a situation either to be great for 4 STRAIGHT years, or he will be out of the job from the pressure getting to him.

This is the reason Michigan is perfect for him. I KNOW he may not go here, but this is the reason or argument that he should. The pressure will NOT be heavy on him here. They are making a:

- New Offense
- New Coaching Staff
- New and more Recruit Rebuilding

The reason I tell this, is because he or any other QB that is going there, will be expected to go 12-0 or 11-1 and a BCS Bowl Bid in 2008, because expectations will not run high on him. Michigan Fans are already saying 6-6 something along those lines, I am actually thinking either 7-5 or 5-7. But my point is, in Michigan, he will not be forced into ANYWHERE AS MUCH pressure in Michigan, as in Ohio State or Penn State.

That is how this needs to REALLY be looked at. From a KID'S angle, because he is really only 18 and that isn't considered an adult. Pressure is when young people crumble, and you knew how that was a few years ago, and you may even have pressure now, but the angle that this needs to be looked at from, is how someone like an 18 year old would react in a situation of going somewhere where you will be disliked if you lose, or going somewhere where it just doesn't matter if you win or lose that first year, because you are rebuilding, and it won't be a lot of pressure on a person.

I actually thought of this whole rant in English, while we were suppose to be reading some boring book...

I know, this was MY COMMENT on a TD I saw, and commented on, but I thought it was too intelligent to forget... 


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