Took a day off from the blog for my older sister's college graduation from George Mason University, who really needs to name something on that campus after basketball coach Jim Larranaga. Their final four run has brought so much money into the university that construction and expansion are booming at unbelievable rates. A great man and a great coach with 318 career wins, 3 trips to the NCAA tournament, 5 trips to the postseason NIT, and of course the dream season two years ago (and yes I hope he sees this praise and takes it easy on my JMU Dukes this winter in a make or break year for coach Dean Keener).

But since I'm back just a few quick thoughts:
1. My boy Jason Giambi comes out today saying MLB, the owners, and the players need to apologize for the steroid era. Great move by Jason until he said that the 'roids didn't help him hit home runs, "That stuff didn't help me hit home runs. I don't care what people say, nothing is going to give you that gift of hitting a baseball." OPPS! Right now everyone in the Yankees organization has to be wishing they could take that one sentence back. Don't lie Jason, maybe the needles don't help you hit the ball but they certainly help you hit the ball far. If a+b=c then roids+lifting=greater strength and thus power. Concentrate on more important things: 1. apologize to the fans 2. make sure it never happens again (the cheating and lying) 3. GET OUT OF YOUR 1-24 slump. Your team is 9.5 games out of first place and behind your archrival Boston Red Sox, ACT LIKE IT! (Although it is important to note that Giambi has been man enough to come clean on his actions. Every man and woman should follow this model and admit to any performance enhancing drug use for their sport, their personal self, and more importantly, for the fans).

2. Miami Dolphins head coach Cam Cameron does not want Ricky Williams back on the roster. A great decision especially with Williams supposedly failing a drug test a few months ago, but I found Cameron's statement interesting, "I will not allow our fans to be let down by people that are not on our roster -- not again.'' Although he already failed to achieve his goal by influencing the team to draft Ted Ginn Jr. instead of Brady Quinn, by far the biggest let down of the Dolphins offseason. By the way, if you haven't seen the YouTube clip of Cameron announcing this pick to their fans at the draft day party you must find it: Priceless entertainment.

3. Floyd Landis needs to go away, I do not care where or how but please find a safe place for him and get him out of the public eye. No one believes him and now his manager is threatening people? What a waste of human space Landis and his associates have become.

4. No one should be surprised by the firing today of Jeff Van Gundy {career record of 430-318}. I like him as a person and would agree with anyone who said that he is a good coach, but his resume speaks for itself and he just can't get his teams deep into the playoffs. I could see him coaching again but also would not be surprised if we never saw him on a sideline again. The Rockets front office want to win now and that only means there will be a load of pressure on their next coach, potentially Rick Adelman (752-481), to have a great regular and seriously contend for an NBA championship.

5. There is no reason, none at all, for Reebok's NFL Player Rookie Premier event to be the same time as NFL minicamps. Players should have every right to be at these practices and for rookies, these practices can really help introduce them to the NFL. Reschedule the event or do not have it at all, the fans will not care. But if Anthony Gonzalez or Brandon Jackson struggle early, then fans will care.

Finally some friday night projectiosn with Interleague play getting under way, Roger Clemens pitching against live hitting, and the NBA Playoffs moving along (and maybe the NHL since I still can't find it on TV and thus let you know).

Roger Clemens 4IP 3H 1ER 4Ks 0BB
Game Winners: Cubs, TB, PITT, BALT, CLE, DET (even with rookie Andrew Miller on the hill who I think has a great chance to be a great pitcher in his career), PHI, NYY, MIL, TEX, COL, LAA, SD, SF
Note: the Braves-Red Sox game has been postponed due to rain and will be replayed Saturday.

NBA Playoffs:
Cleveland will beat New Jersey and LeBron will dominate the entire game. He is too skilled of a player to not guarentee a spot in the Eastern Conference finals with a dominating performance. Look for a 30-8-7 type of night from James.
San Antonio will face a hungry Suns team, one facing elimination with Amare Stoudemire out to avenge his suspension. Stoudemire will be a monster but the Spurs will win in a must-see game.


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