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So, here we have the AFC South. This is probably the second-weakest division in the league behind the NFC North. So, here I've got the teams listed in the order I predict they'll finish.

Our number one team, of cours, is the defending champs Indianapolis Colts. We all know about Peyton Manning. No need to discuss that. He's got great receivers in Harrison, Wayne, and rookie Anthony Gonzalez. I really like this kid. Although he was not the main attraction at OSU, (Teddy Ginn) he will be a nice replacement for Brandon Stokley. The defense is led by end Dwight Freeney. Last year the Colts were terrible against the run during the regular season, but in theplayoffs they looked like they'd been stopping the run consistently all season. So this year, look for the Colts to go 12-4, 11-5, maybe. They'll definitely win the division, no contest. But in a few years the Titans may be the more dominant. (Though I doubt it.)

Our second place AND wild card winners are the Tennessee Titans. They have a franchise QB in Vince Young. He led the Titans to a 8-8 record last season, won rookie of the year, and was featured on the cover of Madden, which might no be so good. Another not-so-good thing is the suspension of, who else? Adam "Pacman" Jones. They drafted safety Michael Griffin and are trying to switch him to cornerback. On defense linebacker Keith Bullock still has amazing tackling abilities. With Drew Bennett gone, David Givens will be the featured receiver for Young. Although there are some negatives for this team, they'll win the wild card, but won't go very far.

In third place we've got the Jacksonville Jaguars. Either Byron Leftwich or David Garrard will start at Qb this year. Matt Jones has the makings of a big-time receiver. On defense, tackles Henderson and Stroud might be the best DT tandem in the league. Safety Donovin Darius still has a nose for the ball. The Jags also have a future star in RB Maurice Jones-Drew.  Receiver Reggie Williams can make the big play. Linebackr Mike Peterson is still a great leader. But this year you should look for the Jags to go around the 8-8 range. Third place is where they'll stand. 

And of course our team in the basement is the Houston Texans!!! Congratualtions, Texans, you're in for yet ANOTHER losing season! Last year they picked Mario Williams with the first pick in the draft, and he didn't really produce. This year they took Amobi Okoye. A struggling secondary, save for Dunta Robinson, won't help the Texans' cause. They have a good receiver in Andre Johnson. Trade pickup Matt Schaub is better than David Carr. RB Ahman Green is a nice pickup from the Pack. But this year, the Texans will be stuck in the cellar again. In 3 or four years, who knows, this team may be on of the best in the South.  


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