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They are officially a dynasty.  Alabama smothered Notre Dame in the BCS Championship game to win their third BCS title in four years.  The Stack is here to talk about that and a few other headlines so let's get right to it and see what made "the stack" for today, Tuesday, January 8:

Alabama crushes Notre Dame to win BCS National Championship

The Crimson Tide did what they do best and that is show up for a big game and put up their best performance.  Alabama destroyed Notre Dame 42-14 to win their third BCS title in four years.  Things got out of hand quickly when Alabama drove down the field in five plays to score the game's opening touchdown.  They also got a little help after muffing a punt that Notre Dame recovered.  However, a flag was thrown for fair catch interference.  Replays showed Notre Dame never touched the Alabama player.  What's worse is that he was pushed into the punt returner.  It was an attrocious penalty and one that Notre Dame never could recover from.  Alabama scored again to make it 14-0.  In fact, seconds into the second quarter, it was 21-0 Alabama.  They were up 35-0 before Notre Dame finally found the endzone.  Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron was terrific.  He threw four touchdowns and was in rhythm the entire game. 

Somewhat surprisingly, he was not the offensive MVP.  Running back Eddie Lacy was.  He rushed twenty times for 140 yards and a touchdown, good for a 7.0 yard per carry.  The vaunted Notre Dame defense was a shell of itself.  They were whooped.  They were beat at the line of scrimage and missed several tackles.  This was not a good game for Notre Dame.  I said yesterday that Nick Saban being in this position three times in four years was much better than Brian Kelly making his first appearance in a BCS championship game.  How big of an advantage that was is up for debate, but it clearly was some sort of an advantage for Alabama. 

Alabama is truly a dynasty, one of the best college football dynasties we have seen in the game.  The fact of the matter is that they will be around for a long time so long as Saban is the head coach.  They have a great recruiting pipeline and re-tool year after year.  Everyone is playing catch-up and the Crimson Tide just know how to keep going and going.  Truly special.  Congrats to Alabama for the title and Notre Dame for a fantastic season that very few saw coming.  They are definitely headed in the right direction and will be back to the national championship sooner than later.


RGIII has several tears in his knee

The initial news on Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III's knee is back and it isn't great.  Griffin has a partially torn LCL in his right knee and he may have a partially torn ACL, but that remains to be officially determined because that may have come from a previous injury.  Further tests will determine the extent of the injury.  One way or the other, the news isn't good.  We've seen Adrian Peterson come back better than ever from a torn ACL, but RGIII is different.  Having already torn his ACL once in college, this is going to be more difficult.  And if there are multiple ligaments damaged, it will be interesting to see how bad the injuries are.  Then of course, there is the field on which he plays his home games.  Fed Ex Field has awful turf.  It was clear as day on Sunday.  Just awful.  In fact, RGIII didn't even suffer the worst injury on the field.  Seattle Seahawks defensive end Chris Clemons tore his ACL and will miss the remainder of the playoffs.  Clemons is one of the Seahawks best defensive players.  It just goes to show how bad the field was and how it could impact the NFC playoffs.


Doug Marrone new head coach in Buffalo

The Kansas City Chiefs were the first team to hire a new coach in Andy Reid, who was officially introduced on Monday.  The Buffalo Bills are the second team following the hiring of Syracuse head coach Doug Marrone.  He was the New Orleans Saints offensive coordinator from 2006-08 before taking the Syracuse job.  Some of you may be thinking, this seems like a weird hire, but Marrone was a rather hot commodity.  San Diego was looking to talk to him and there was some though Marrone would have a couple of other opportunities elsewhere.  Buffalo didn't want to let that happen and Bills fans should be familiar with his work considering Syracuse is in upstate New York.  How this all pans out remains to be seen.  Buffalo has struggled for a long time.  Wonder which head coaching domino will fall next.

One person we know won't be getting an NFL head coaching job is Oregon football head coach Chip Kelly who is returning to the school following interviews with the Cleveland Browns and Philadelphia Eagles.  He wasn't fully comfortable with making the jump to the pros and truth be told, he made the right decision.  Oregon is a fantastics football program, one that will be around and in the BCS discussion year after year.  Yes they have some minor violations that may come their way, but with Nike in their own backyard and the offense Kelly runs, he will have no problem getting recruits to come to Eugene.  Great move by Kelly.


NHL season likely to start January 19th

After some speculation as to when the NHL season will start following the agreement between the NHL and NHLPA on a new collective bargaining agreement, it appears the season is destined to start January 19th, meaning a 48-game season will take place.  More details will come soon, but multiple teams had players take part in skating and light practices Monday, a welcome sight for everyone who loves the game of hockey.  There is much work that needs to be done in order to get fans and sponsors to forgive and to come back, but the NHL is back in business and the season is coming soon.  It's going to be exciting.


Coming up Wednesday: Reaction to top sports headlines and stories


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