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      Jerry Jones is going down and taking everybody else with him. The last post I wrote was how Rob Ryan has done such a great job. What was the real reason he fired Ryan, was it" he was getting more face time than he was or what. I had said and was already looking forward to him having a full deck to play with next year, well no more next year. I read where Jerry went out of house to talk to people about the job he was doing as DC. If he really done that it's just shame on him, thats what the head coach is for. Garrett is running an Offense that is old and everyone knows what they are going to run every play before the ball is snapped. This team cannot run simple screen plays or the 123 BAMM plays to slow the blitz down. Garrett was souly responsible for two of there losses which would have gotten them in the Playoffs. If they had beat Washington and gotten in Seattle would have pu up 50 on them, Austin, Bryant, Ware and one more would not have played, the same last year, if they had of beaten the Giants Romo would not have played the next week after reinjuring his finger in the Giants game.

      I actually thought Rob Ryan was the safeist of all the coaches, the one guy I wonder about is Wade Wilson, what does he actually do, I have seen him showing pictures to Romo and thats it. I never have liked the 3-4 Deffense personally, it just seems teams can run the ball better on the 3-4 but it sounds like Dallas is leaning going to it. After all is said and done, they probably should have kept Mike Zimmer. Who knows Lovie Smith may be the DC in Dallas with all the ties he has down there. As much as things change, things stay the same in Dallas especially the one constant...Jerry Jones.

January 10, 2013  11:35 AM ET

this team is sad and JJ is the main reason. garrett is not a true HC.... that's why JJ never talked with him about ryan.

ryan was booted because JJ made statements like "uncomfortable changes coming" and he had to take action. ryan was the scapegoat.... real poor decision.

JJ wants to run this team, but does not have the football mind to judge talent therefore we pick players and give them huge contracts that they do not deserve and haven't earned. as fans, we are stuck watching our owner/gm absolutely ruin this franchise.

if i had season tickets i'd not renew them for next season. this club is a disaster and until JJ eases up on gm responsibilities or hires a proven HC we are going down the same path we've been on for the better part of a decade.


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