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Finally, I got to see some race cars doing the roundy-round, and at Daytona for crying out loud.

So, as a fan what did we find out? Who the heck knows? Some guys were fast, some guys were slow and then they would flip the other way. It was all about 'testing.' Trying things, everything you can imagine. Did you see all the engineers with their computers? You would have thought it was a Formula One test.

NASCAR has nailed it with the new Gen 6 car. It looks great, and from all accounts it seems to drive just fine. Even to the point of requiring a bit of driver input to go fast. A Ford looks like a Ford, a Chevy a Toyota look like the real deal. Great move by NASCAR.

To me, it seemed that the lead teams were throwing everything they could on the car to see what it would like or not like. Data data, data, that is what it was all about. The engineers will take that info home and the crews will do the final tweaks to the cars.

Some teams concentrated solely on qualifying because of the new rules (no top 35 freebies). One of those was certainly the #10, GoDaddy car of Danica Patrick. No free ride this year, you have to qualify. I'm sure she will at Daytona (other tracks?). However, if by chance she doesn't, GoDaddy and Stewart/Haas will buy-out a qualified car. There is no way NASCAR'S media hound won't make the race. It would be like Dale Jr. not cutting it.

For me, I hope Scott Speed makes the cut and has a solid race - I like the guy a bunch. I'm all in for Trevor Bayne, God bless him. And, how cool would it be if Paul Mendard came out on top?

Not sure how competitive Mikey will be in his 'buy-a-ride' we'll have to wait and see.

I'm ready. Bring on the 2013 season. And not just NASCAR, bring it all on.

January 14, 2013  05:26 PM ET

Hey Uncle Hubie....welcome back and Happy New Year.

I can feel the excitement in the air that Nascar season is almost here.

I like Bayne and Menard and wish both of them well.
I love the looks of the new car......they will get it figured out by Daytona.

As a die hard Mikey fan I hope all his drivers have another rocking year, with even better results.....Go Truex......Go Bowyer......I also hope Carl Edwards gets back to ace driving this year....I think he was asleep at the wheel most of last year LOL

January 15, 2013  01:15 PM ET

Thanks for the post LittleE. Happy New Year to you as well. I'm not a 'die-hard' Mikey fan but I do like him. What he has accomplished with his team in such a short period of time says well of his skills as an owner/promoter. Like one of the NASCAR commentators said the other day - the best drivers rarely make the best owners - Mikey is proof - their words, not mine.

Carl Edwards is at the very bottom of my list, right after KyB and Hamlin. Why? He showed his true self a few years ago with his "pull-back" punch on Matt K and his deliberate attempt at murder - well, maybe that's going too far, of Brad K. There are no drivers I hold in more little regard than Carl Edwards.

January 16, 2013  12:53 AM ET

I agree with you on Mikey being proof of the opposite of "best drivers rarely best owners".....he acts like a idiot sometimes, but he is very good at picking people to fill the gaps that he cannot fill.

That Carl~Brad K episode and the fake punch to Matt, while being interviewed, remains an embarrassment.

The new cars look promising for a good race year.......I like the improved looks and the speeds I am hearing about.

Kyle and Hamlin used to be at the bottom of my list, but now Hamlin holds that honour....Kyle has moved up a few notches, but only a few LOL

January 16, 2013  01:31 PM ET

I caught a little bit of testing, but mostly ignored it (shame on me I know) mostly because in my opinion it won't matter come Speedweeks. We've seen it in other years they have the Thunder Testing only to have NASCAR come back and say "Here are new rules for the cars you just used." So to me paying attention to what is going on doesn't start until February.

Although what has me a little worried at the moment is the cars not matching up bumper to bumper. While this will probably shut down the two car draft (which is a style of racing I liked) I just have to question how safe it is in pack racing. Every restrictor plate race has The Big One, sometimes more than one, and I really think that is a huge stain on NASCAR and their attempt at making the cars safer. We had a 10 car wreck in practice that resulted from a front bumper not matching a rear bumper. If this were a true race situation there probably would have been more than 10 cars caught up in it. I will reserve judgement at this time because it was practice and NASCAR might be looking into resolving the bumper issue, and if they are not they should be.

January 16, 2013  07:26 PM ET

Raistwalker....I have the same concerns for the unmatching bumpers.......I, too, enjoy the few races where bump drafting is necessary and would hate to see that element gone.

Ironically, this is the first year that I paid attention to testing....(never had the time before).......but will wait and see how the shootout and the first few races go.

January 17, 2013  10:36 AM ET

I, too, enjoy the few races where bump drafting is necessary and would hate to see that element gone.

I can understand how people were upset with the 2-car draft initially, but the drivers were starting to adapt to it and playing different strategies before NASCAR killed it "because fans expect pack racing". If anything it would have stopped the hang in the back and charge to the front strategy that is becoming prevalent in plate races.

I get tired of the announcers all but complaining about the top drivers running in the back and questioning that only to be "surprised" when one of those drivers wins the race. JJ has been doing it just about his whole career, yet everyone seems surprised when he does it. The 2-car draft as putting the brakes on that, and you saw it at least one of the plate races in 2011. He and Jr hung in the back all day on TEAM ORDERS only to be broken up and stuck in the back when there was a GWC finish. Jr wanted to run up front cause that's how you win, but TEAM ORDERS kept him in the back with JJ.

January 17, 2013  11:28 AM ET

Hanging out in the back until the last part of the race is "sissy racing" to me......I don't respect that kind of manoever.......Harvick was doing it too and so was Tony........these are all excellent racers and they need to race like men......I remember Jr being being really ticked off at that strategy.

Sometimes I "mute" the announcers, when they get annoying.....I get the plays by play at the bottom of my screen, so I don't miss anything important.

January 18, 2013  08:00 AM ET

I remember Jr being being really ticked off at that strategy.

Which is why I emphasized the TEAM ORDERS aspect of the situation.

Anymore I typically watch the whole race muted only turning on the volume when there is a caution or a driver interview I want to see.

January 18, 2013  03:17 PM ET

Which is why I emphasized the TEAM ORDERS aspect of the situation.Anymore I typically watch the whole race muted only turning on the volume when there is a caution or a driver interview I want to see.

I should have rephrased that and just said that I remembered it....I did get the message about Team Orders emphasis.

I might be muting more ....depends how the year goes with announcers.

January 25, 2013  05:41 PM ET

My comment to everyone - Thanks for your input and bring it on dude's. This post got more comments than most any other. I love the dialogue. I'm OK with team orders. I'm not OK with 'payback' take-outs. Crap happens in racing. Driver have a problem with another driver? I like to see it presented man to man - and that doesn't mean punch-outs. But it could if really necessary.


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