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Mark my words... The Bears will be in the Super Bowl in a year or two, at the most.

If the Cowboys are "Americas Team"; the Bears are "Football's Team" and Coach Trestman is the best choice. He knows QB's; some "Moneyball" principles & has INTELLIGENCE & DISCIPLINE. The NFL's best owners are Mr. Kraft and Mr. Jones and the coaches in the Parcells and Coach Jimmy Johnson lineage and this is where Coach evolved.

I am partial, perhaps, because he was my coach at UM and someone whom I consider a friend.

Here are some added notes... 

-Football is the "Motivated Mathematical Movement of Men"; personally, it seems to me Coach Trestman has experience on and off the field and a belief system incorporating all three.
-The two predominate attributes of a coach, too me, it seems, are that which Coach Lombardi for whom the Super Bowl trophy is named possess and they are 1. Intelligence and 2. Discipline...
-The two best coaching lineages in the NFL are the Parcells "line" and the Johnson "line"not necessarily because these men were great "Field Generals"; but they were unprecedented "Fortune 500" Corporate Leaders who were phenomenal at hiring talent.

-In the case of the Bears, they are analytically, too me, a Patriots or Saints
offense and a head coach away from being in the Super Bowl.  And the key, to the offense of both of those teams as I see it primarily in the Pats; is the high intelligence of Belichick who constructs a highly intelligent offensive line that works in a wall of unison to keep Brady in the pocket as long as humanly possible as possession-oriented receivers use speed and precise patterns both vertically, but especially horizontally, to matriculate down the field.  And from my perspective, Belichick and rather Vince Wilfork are the MVP's on the Patriots team.

-Defensively, the Bears are well-coached to create turnovers which is "the name of the game" with safety concerns and philosophically defenses must also score.  "Defense" by it's nature is less-productive when "in that moment in space and time" they defend and wait on the ball, either in the run game or the pass game. 

-The Bears have branded themselves and have great special teams.  In fact, the greatest special teams "trick play" I have seen in 44-years of watching football was the fake punt return against the Pack, I think, which they did that should have been a TD. In my review of the tape, the holding call was incorrect; because the ref himself was fooled.  He saw the holding or block in the back from the angle and perspective of the play going in the perceived direction and not the actual direction; in which case, it was not holding at all.

-Also regarding the Bears, no disrespect, but Lovie Smith was "too lovable."  Surely,
it is imperative that a player wants to play for a coach and love a coach; but in the end
the best thing for them is a "likeable disciplinarian."

-Furthermore; as noted, Super Bowl coaches all excel in mathematical and motivational
genius and again, possess the two premier qualities of a Super Bowl winning
coach, since it is presumed all can lead; and that is high intelligence and

-In closing, Coach is not a big believer in the media; yet, he is relatively wise with them and the media is basically communicaton and a means by which a man and men can use the most powerful human possessions of free-will choice and words to reach the masses.  I hope media members and fans support him, the team and the Bears. 

-The Bears are amongst a few foundational NFL teams and thier success is good for the success of this great and glorious league of gladiators.



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