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          Scottie Pippen was one of the greatest defenders of all time. He could guard the opponent's best player and still put up a decent amount of points. This is what his stat line looks like: 16.1 PPG, 5.2 APG, 6.4 RPG, and the greatest small forward defender ever. Do these statistics and descriptions remind you of any modern day player? It does for me and it reminds me of Andre Iguodala. Iguodala has a stat line that looks like this: 15.2 PPG, 4.8 APG, 5.8 RPG, and a top notch small forward defender. In fact, Iguodala modeled Pippen's game as a kid. Today I will be comparing Scottie and Andre (I know that Scottie is much better, but I want people to see the similarities). I will show the similarities in bullet points. Feel free to comment and follow me on twitter @CJ_H_12.

  • Defense: Scottie Pippen is the greatest defender at the small forward position ever. Andre Iguodala also is a great defender. What makes them so great are many different topics. First off, they have the determination. When they want to shut someone down, they do. They also have freakishly long arms. Scottie had a wingspan of 7 feet 3 inches. Andre has a wingspan of almost seven feet. They both can guard any position from power forward to point guard. Scottie Pippen guarded Magic Johnson for the 1991 Finals and guarded Charles Barkley in 1991 too. Andre Iguodala guarded Kobe Bryant once and Lebron James another night. They have the quickness and the strength to guard anybody who's not a center. Finally, they are best defenders on their team. You could argue Jordan was a better defender than Pippen, but I truly believe Pippen was the better defender. Andre is definitely the best defender on his team.


  • Team First: If you look at Scottie Pippen's stats when Jordan wasn't playing, you would recognize the field goal attempts go up. When Jordan came back, they went down. Pippen realized that if the Bulls were going to win, Jordan had to shoot. If you look at Andre Iguodala's field goal attempts while playing with Allen Iverson, you realize they are small. Andre realized that if team chemistry was going to happen, Iverson had to shoot. Andre and Pippen both recognize how to hold team chemistry and win. Sadly, Andre hasn't played for great teams like Pippen. Maybe the Nuggets will be great in a few years.


  • Scoring: Scottie was a good scorer. He averaged 22 points per game when the Bulls needed him too and when Jordan returned, he still scored a decent amount. Andre scored 18 points they year Iverson left Philly, and the next year averaged 20. Surprisingly, Andre has only averaged 13 points per game this year, but I expect this to rise.

  • Rebounding: Scottie and Andre are both good rebounders. Andre averages 6 rebounds a game while Scottie averages 6.5 rebounds per game. They are big and smart and they both know how to grab rebounds.


What if: Just putting this out there, but Jordan (Best player in NBA during his prime) and Pippen (Best sidekick in NBA during his prime) were able to win 6 championships together. What if Lebron and Andre played together? What if Durant and Andre played together? What if Carmelo and Andre played together? Hmmmmm.......

Thank you for reading and feel free to comment. Follow me on twitter @CJ_H_12.


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