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With the 49ers and the Ravens in the Super Bowl, the different angles on the game have been scrutinzed more than a Columbian's body cavities at a Customs checkpoint.  So why not let me add to the drivel.

 One thing the 49ers have going for them is their team tradition.  5 Super Bowls, 5 rings.  The winning tradition is something the players on the present team hear about constantly.  Not only does the media bring up Joe Montanan, Steve Young, Ronnie Lott etc. but even some of those former players still have the players ear.  Guys like Lott or Dwight Clark still speak to present players and remind them they have a tradition to carry on, and it's not just about winning but about how to win.  The present players have heard from those who went before them, all about how to handle Super Bowl hype and pressure.  They know it's still about playing the game and executing the same way they did all season.

On the other side the Ravens have one Super Bowl win, but the only connection to that is Ray Lewis.  Right now Lewis is embroiled in the "deer-antler spray" controversy and is not exactly the guy the players want as their focus.  There are no hall of famers from the Ravens who can get in the players ear, the way that Clark or Lott do.  Even the old Browns players are out of the picture. Otto Graham died when most of the Ravens were in high school and Jim Brown is a pariah (for good reason) so no one is likely to listen to his advice.  This leaves the Ravens as a team without veteran advice on how to handle the Super Bowl pressure.

Ultimately I may be proven wrong, but a winning attitude, born of a winning tradition is one advantage the 49ers have over the Ravens.  Here's hoping it leads to a sixth ring for the 49ers.

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February 1, 2013  12:38 PM ET

Baltimore's last Super Bowl win was over a decade ago. The 49'ers haven't won it since last century. Baltimore has been much better than the 9ers the past decade and Ray Lewis already has one ring and is poised for another....

If we are talking about a recent and tangible winning tradition, the advantage clearly goes to the Ravens.

February 1, 2013  12:46 PM ET

The Ravens are more recent but I don't agree with tangible. 1 SB v. 5, I think 5 is more tangible.

February 2, 2013  03:11 PM ET

The Ravens are more recent but I don't agree with tangible. 1 SB v. 5, I think 5 is more tangible.

I agree that 5 is more than 1. But what if Ray Lewis picked up that 1 Lombardy and started swinging it around until the other 5 got smashed up? That would be something else.

Advantage Baltimore.

February 2, 2013  03:11 PM ET

Dented not smashed. But still...

February 4, 2013  05:46 PM ET

Congrats to the Ravens!!


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