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Q: How do I see the Super Bowl?

A: By what I don't hear from so-called "experts"and some players.

To begin...God bless football.  I love Him and it.  

Now, what I am not hearing from the broadcasters and prognosticators is the sole determining factor in most games: turnovers.  I recall the same trend in a recent Super Bowl.  In that game, there was a lot of talk and chatter about everything but turnovers and sure enough, the games turnovers altered the game.

As for San Francisco:

I am hearing too much about Colin Kaepernick and as great as he is and how much I love a running QB; he is getting too much airplay.  Sadly, I have never heard him mention God, but only kissing sinful tatoos.  I believe he will have a sub par game.

I also don't expect to hear from Randy Moss during the game, since I heard him say he was the greatest Wide Receiver ever.  I love Randy Moss and he is a great player; but confidence and arrogance are seperate entities and one is rewarded, the other is not.

I do expect the more silent 49'ers like Patrick Willis, who is one of the best LB's in the game, to play exceptionally.

As for the Baltimore:

I heard Joe Flacco, "claim" a Super Bowl win and I believe in that mantra; and only God knows for sure if it was a "claim" or a boast. 

I have heard and hope to hear more of Ray Lewis giving glory to "The God of Impossible" and surely with God, "...all things are possible." I love Ray and believe God will bless him this game for his faithfulness.

I am also not hearing a lot about Ravens Kicker, Justin Tucker.  I expect him to play very well.  Equally effective, will be NFL co-record holder, David Akers.  Many people are verbally criticzing him and that gives me great faith in him and both of these spiritually-minded kickers.

As for the coaches, I surely can appreciate the Brothers Harbaugh getting the publicity they have gotten.  It is well-deserved, however, I can surely see a percieved coaching error simply because of distraction and spiritual reasons.

Truthfully, my heart would like to see the Ravens win; but I also wouldn't mind seeing the 49'ers win for work reasons. 

In closing, I am hearing everyone say it will be a great game.  Well, I am not going to make a prediction on what team will win; yet, I think the winning team will win because of turnovers and by more than 10-14 points; and even if this isn't a "great" or close game, it is still the greatest game.   

God love football.




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