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The day before Valentines Day and The Stack is here with a couple of quick topics that have been making headlines from the past day or two so let's get right to it and see what made "the stack" for today, Wednesday, February 13:

This just in...LeBron James is really good

LeBron James is in a zone right now, a really hot zone.  The Miami Heat superstar recorded his sixth straight game of scoring at least 30 points and shooting at least 60 percent from the field, an NBA record.  He scored 30 last night against the Portland Trail Blazers while going 11 for 15 from the field.  Right now, no one can touch him.  Truth is, no one has even played remotely as good as James this year.  He has the MVP on lockdown right now.  Sure an argument can be made for Chris Paul or Kevin Durant, but we are seeing something truly special right now from James and he's making it look really easy.  The Heat are in a groove as is James and if he keeps this up, they won't lose.  Plenty of people were nervous about them when they lost a few games in a row in December and January, but this is the best team in the eastern conference as well as the entire NBA.  Don't expect much to change between now and June.


Nerlens Noel hurts knee

Adding insult to injury for Kentucky in their 79-62 loss to Florida Tuesday night, their best player, freshman Nerlens Noel hurt his left knee and had to be helped off the court.  Initial speculation isn't good and Noel is expected to miss significant time.  He injured the knee running down a fast break layup to block the shot.  Noel is the NCAA leader in blocks this year.  We'll find out more later, but this is a huge blow to Kentucky.  They are not nearly as good as they were last year, but this will really crush any hopes of repeating as national champions or even getting past the first weekend if Noel is done for the year.  Noel is/was depending on what they find out about the injury, expected to be the number one pick in the NBA Draft this year.  Hope everything turns out ok.


To trade Percy Harvin or not...

Debate has been swirling around the Minnesota Vikings ever since Percy Harvin was placed on IR with an ankle injury about whether or not he would be done in Minnesota as a member of the Vikings.  Sunday came a report from WCCO's Mike Max that the Vikings will indeed try to trade Harvin which has led to a lot of speculation about where he could wind up and what the Vikings could get for Harvin.  New England and Cleveland have been thrown out there.  

MVP Adrian Peterson was asked about Harvin's future in an interview with KFAN Radio in the Twin Cities Tuesday and he said he wouldn't trade Harvin for anything.  He's got a great point.  Harvin's versatility makes him one of the biggest weapons in the NFL.  And it helps ease the pressure that Peterson feels when facing eight or nine men in the box.  And the Vikings wide receiving corp stinks.  They are flat out awful.  Why wouldn't you try to keep a guy that makes your team better on the field?

The reason isn't so simple.  Harvin has been a headache literally and figuratively for this team at times.  His behavior is sporadic.  He'll be pouting and mad about something one day and happy the next like this past year in training camp.  He's had migraine issues though that appears to have been solved.  He's clashed with his head coaches and gotten into heated arguments with both Brad Childress and Leslie Frazier.  There are reports out there that an argument with Frazier earlier this season led to Harvin being placed on IR.  Both Frazier and GM Rick Spielman have been non-committal about Harvin's status on the team.  He's in the last year of his rookie deal and he wants a new one and rightfully so.  Is his talent worth the trouble and the headaches?  That is what the Vikings must decide.  If they trade him, there is no way they get anywhere near the value in a draft pick for the talent that Harvin possesses.  Maybe they just deal with the antics and sign him to a five year deal in the $70 million range that will keep him happy and make the team better.  The Vikings will surely try and go after another wide receiver in free agency to add to the talent on this young team.  They'll do it for sure, whether or not Harvin is on the team or not. 

The one trade possibility that intrigues me is one not yet mentioned and that is sending Harvin and a couple of 2nd round picks to the Arizona Cardinals for Larry Fitzgerald.  Fitzgerald will come back home and play for the team he was a ballboy for in the '90s and the Cardinals get a big weapon.  Just saying, they should look into it.  This situation/saga is far from over. Stay tuned.


Paterno Report thoughts

The Paterno family has come out with their own report in response to the Freeh Report on what happened at Penn State in an effort to clear their father's name essentially.  It's understandable.  It's commendable.  It's not going to work on many mainstream folk.  Joe's son Jay was on ESPN all day Monday talking about what was in the report and giving the "facts."  So is the Freeh report full of misinformation?  You can be the judge of that for yourself.  You'll find yourself on one side of the argument or the other.  But why would Freeh lie?  What would he have to gain from this?  Was the report hastily done?  Perhaps.  The Paterno's took their time in putting their report together, but they also had an agenda and that was to clear Joe Paterno's name in all of this and stop him from becoming an evil figure in all of this.  It may work some, but it won't be enough.  Sure Joe did what his obligation was and that was to tell his superiors of what Mike McQueary told him he saw Jerry Sandusky do.  But JoePa could have done more.  And he didn't.  Penn State didn't.  And now they must live with the consequences about what happened and what this has done to the legacy of JoePa and the Penn State football program.  So the Paterno family can talk about their report all they want.  I'll buy some of it, but definitely without a doubt, not most of it.


The Stack is going on vacation the next couple of days, but may get in a blog one of the days so check back both Thursday and Friday.  For sure will have one Monday.  




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