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I love the NFL and the fact there is even a "Rooney Rule" is an accomplishment and process which black coaches should be grateful. I am a long-time fan of the league and have worked in it at times. I understand everyone, everyone has thoughts about the league and it's hiring policies especially the players and black men and even women.

Keep in mind, players are not in the position of hiring coaches or in the front office; that is not their job. The NFL is probably the greatest profession for black men in the world! I trust players are grateful they have a job in which a majority of black men prosper.

The bottom line is: while some black coaches have done well, many have not won a Super Bowl as a head coach and some had many years of opportunities. Remember, inherently, the goal is the Super Bowl; and it is the job and responsibility of ownership and management to try whatever works to hire the best coaches to achieve that goal. Typically, the best coaches are the most intelligent, motivational, disciplined, best leaders, and best-of-the-best coaches in football in the universe. Whatever other qualities a man has which relate to a man coaching are the requirements and there is a level to each.

In fact, as something of an analogy; there is a rule in the Canadian Football League whereby teams must hire Canadians as players so the league isn't filled with more talented, trained, or experienced US players or "imports." There is no rule in the NFL stating the league must hire a white player to play on a team, any teams, which are gradually becoming more populated with black players.

Let it be known only about 30-or-so men (black and white) have possessed the aforementioned qualities I wrote about which constitutes a Super Bowl winning head coach. And even if maybe a "handful" of owners may be more motivated to make money than win championships; what the "Rooney Rule" actually states and does is declares the NFL and Super Bowl head coaches who possess those qualities are not exclusive to only white coaches or men. It's almost like saying, the NFL wouldn't allow a black owner in the league. I am quite certain, as well-run a league by some of the greater and most highly successful men and women in the world; if a man, any man, has $1,000,000,000 they too can own a team; regardless of race or religion.

Truth is: Everyone playing or have played, and coached and are coaching in the NFL; should be thankful they are so blessed to have or had the opportunity of a lifetime and everyone who has a responsibility to the league, should fulfill that responsibility; and everyone who has role, should play in that role; and everyone who has a relationship should work within that relationship.

The NFL is the greatest sports league and one of the greatest businesses on the planet. It is so universal in its nature; that it borders on the divine. Everyone on earth should always keep that in mind.


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