The trade deadline has come and gone, and there have been many deals. No big blockbusters on deadline day that we all expected, but many of these trades have improved teams significantly. I'll go one by one the trades that have happened not only on deadline day, but the trades leading up to it. Not including the Rudy Gay deal or the James Harden deal. Since we've already seen the effects of those trades

 Rockets, Kings, Suns 3 way trade

Rockets Recieve: Thomas Robinson, Francisco Garcia, Tyler Honeycutt, Suns 2nd Round Pick

I love this deal for the Rockets. T-Rob the rookie from Kansas hasn't had a flashy rookie year like Damian Lillard, or Anthony Davis, but he still has a ton of potential. He'll be great in this league, and he adds to the good young core the Rockets already have. They also cleared up salary with this deal. Makes them even more of a player in the Dwight Howard sweepstakes this summer. 

Grade: A+

 Kings Recieve: Patrick Patterson, Cole Aldrich, Toney Douglas

Not really sure why they did this deal. Sure Patterson used to play with Cousins for a year at Kentucky, but they had a player with much more potential in T-Rob, when Patterson has already topped out. He's a player that what you see is what you get. And Cole Aldrich could be a decent backup to Cousins if he gets the minutes. And another part that confused me is why the Kings got Toney Douglas. They are already jammed at the point, with Aaron Brooks, Jimmer Fredette, and Isiah Thomas. Doesn't make sense at all to me

Grade: D

Suns Recieve: Marcus Morris

Love this deal for the Suns. Probably just because the Morris twins are reunited once again, but Morris does bring a lot to the table. He's a decent shooter from the outside, and has a good midrange game as well. Could develop nicely for them.

Grade: B+


Grizzlies - Heat

 Grizzlies Recieve: Dexter Pittman, Heat 2nd rounder

Nothing too major with this deal, but they are able to add another big body they can try to develop. Also get a 2nd round pick likely either 59 or 60 so I assume they can take a European flyer.

Grade: C

Heat Recieve: Rights to Ricky Sanchez

Once again nothing too major. Sanchez probably won't ever suit up in a Heat uniform, so basically it results in them freeing up cap space

Grade: C


Suns and Raptors

Raptors Recieve: Sebastien Telfair

I like this deal for the Raptors. After trading Calderon in the Rudy Gay deal, they needed another point guard to back up Lowry. Telfair hasn't lived up to his superstar potential coming out of high school, but he has turned into a serviceable player so he should be able to contribute nicely for Toronto

Grade: B

Suns Recieve: Hamed Haddadi, 2nd round pick

Suns wanted to clear out Telfair because he was falling out of the rotation with Kendall Marshall and Goran Dragic. Haddadi will be an end of the bench player, and the 2nd rounder should probably be between 37 and 44. 

Grade B-


Celtics and Wizards

Celtics Recieve: Jordan Crawford

What a steal for the Celtics. Crawford completely fell out of the rotation in Washington, but he's still a good talent. He can shoot from the outside, and he can drive too. Most people remember Crawford for being the player that dunked on Lebron during his Nike Camp. He'll be able to come in off the bench and provide good scoring. Great trade for Boston

Grade: A

Wizards Recieve: Leandro Barbosa, Jason Collins

This trade basically is a salary dump, because both of their contracts expire at the end of the season. I don't know why they didn't use Crawford more, he's more than a serviceable backup shooter. 

Grade: D


Bucks and Magic

Bucks Recieve: JJ Redick, Gustavo Ayon, Ish Smith

I like the trade for the Bucks here. They get a great shooter that they've been needing in JJ Redick and Ayon, and Smith are underrated players off the bench. Bucks are taking a risk with Redick not signing an extension beforehand, but they wouldn't have made the deal if they didn't think they could resign him in the off-season

Grade: B+

Magic Recieve: Tobias Harris, Beno Udrih, Doron Lamb

Not a bad coup for Redick. Harris could turn into a decent forward in a couple years, and Lamb could be a reliable shooter off the bench. I didn't think they needed to trade Redick though because he said he would be willing to resign with them. Udrih was acquired for his $7M expiring contract. 

Grade: C+


Mavs and Hawks

Mavs Recieve: Anthony Morrow

Minor deal, but Morrow is a really good 3 point shooter, and scoring off the bench is something the Mavs needed. 

Grade: B

Hawks Recieve: Dahntay Jones

Jones is a good player. Pretty good wing defender, and a somewhat decent shooter. I imagine the Hawks got him because of his expiring contract, seeing how they expect to be players in free agency this off-season

Grade: B


Blazers and Thunder

Blazers Recieve: Eric Maynor

Maynor is another player that got traded because they fell out of the rotation. Maynor is still a pretty decent backup point guard and that's a good get for the Blazers

 Grade: B+

Thunder Recieve: $2.2M Trade Exceptions

Got rid of a player who turned into an end of the bench player, got a trade exception. Probably won't get used so they cleared cap space

Grade: C


There ya go there's what I think of the trades today, and their grades. Feel free to comment!


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