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Before I get into Matt's great win I must say the Nationwide race made my heart tingle to watch Sam Hornish Jr. whip Kyle Bush's whiny butt. And do it where KyB is king - on the restarts - and on top of that more than once. I read somewhere (think it was Allen Bestwick) that KyB was gracious when commenting on his 2nd place finish. KyB wouldn't know gracious if he fell in it.

Maybe I missed it. Did anyone hear KyB say something like, "Sam ran a good race today," or perhaps, "Congrats to the Penske team, they had the car to beat." No, no no. It's just not something Kyle is capable of doing.

We all seem to have our favorite teams, drivers and car manufacturers, at least I do. If I could "wish" a Nationwide Champion it would be a real tough call for me. I'd love to see Sam take it all the way. But then, I want to see Trevor show what he's got and grab the title. My, my - what do I do? Certainly Vickers can't be counted out, but Sadler very possibly won't be in the hunt. My long shot pick, not to win the Championship but to show well of his ability is Nelson Piquet Jr.

Now for the old man's take on 'Vegas' CUP Race.

It didn't take long for Matt Kenseth, 'The Birthday Boy' to show Joe Gibbs' 'whining duo' what a real CUP driver looks like. Hamlin is, as of now, ahead of Kenseth in points. But I don't see that lasting very long. If it weren't for Matt's DNF they would be right on top of each other. And, we've been shown year after year that Hamlin can't cut it in the long run, nor can KyB. It looks like 'Coach' Joe's children drivers might be taught some real lessons. Unfortunately, we'll probably see a 'whining' increase as their lessons progress through the season.

What the heck is it with Stewart? He's on like a 'slow boat' to China or something. Food for thought: It might have to do with the pressure to get the GoDaddy sponsored, 'gold spooned' Danica qualified and then actually show the skill the media and the track-side announcers goo-goo over. "Hey. Come on. Let's pump it up. The big "DP" was only five laps off the pace finishing in 33rd." Impressive.

Oh wait. How totally insensitive and chauvinistic of me. Strike my fingers with a wood ruler time and time again.. Shame, shame. It's DP's first year in CUP - cut some slack. OK, OK. This old fart can do that - right after the announcers and media get over their fantasies and tingling of certain body parts.

It doesn't get any easier next week at Bristol. The cream will rise.

March 12, 2013  11:38 AM ET

I didn't see the Nationwide race, but when I saw the results I smiled. Shrub might be one of the best drivers out there based on skill, but he definitely doesn't come off as that great a person off the track. He reminds me of a Young Jeff Gordon, has the skill, makes the big moves, but if he's not winning then racing just seems like a waste of time to him. And it's nice to see Spin-out Sam finally pulling it together and becoming the driver he was in Indy Car.

Which leads me to the next part: I realize DP has "talents" the media is all over, but so far her driving skill isn't one of them. I have been, and still am, in the open-minded end of the argument (If world class champs like Montoya, Hornish and Franchitti practically wash out of NASCAR what chance does she have?) but the media needs to tone it down. How about we treat her like previous RotY winners Stephen Liecht, Andy Lally, and Kevin Conway received.... yeah I never heard of any of those guys either. But hey look at the bright side at least someone out outside the top 5 is getting interviewed after the race.

March 12, 2013  08:33 PM ET

I was so happy for Matt......Previous reports said that Denny encouraged the hiring of Matt.....not his decision of course, but that surprised me when I read it, as they seem to be so different....but whatever, I'm sure Matt will end up higher this year than Denny.

I did see the NW and was very glad for Hornish...,he has been a non issue for so long, but things are finally changing for him.

March 12, 2013  08:39 PM ET

Stewart used to start the year slowly, then pick it up in the summer, then rock it for the rest of the season.....but the last two years his pattern has been off.........I think his results would be the same with or without the Danica factor...

I am glad Danica finished at the back of the pack......that keeps the hype somewhat under control.....as I've said before, I wish her well, but she has to earn it..

So far this year, the NW races have been more interesting than the Cup ones......this has got to change.....I need to see real racing and passing etc.

March 13, 2013  11:07 AM ET

Agree with comments 1-3.
Happy for Kenseth. He adjustin well to new car make after years in Fords.
Not sure about Stewart. Sometimes I think he still got it. Other times I don't.

March 19, 2013  03:11 PM ET

Not sure about Stewart. Sometimes I think he still got it. Other times I don't.

I agree....he seems to be getting more inconsistent, each year.


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