Blind resumes have become the new wrinkle in the March Madness hype. ESPN posts data from two teams side by side without revealing the teams' names. ESPN's analysts say which team they would choose to be in the tournament based on stats such as strength of schedule, wins versus top 25 opponents. You know the drill.

I would like to submit my blind resume to this committee and have it posted for the nation to see in graphic form, then have Jay Bilas dissect who I am or at least claim to be. The submission would go something like this:

  • Cool guy
  • Insightful about all things hoops
  • Loves to work with other people
  • Show empathy for others
  • A leader of men
  • Not a jerk at all
  • Takes charges/sacrifices the body
  • Never asks for promotions or raises
  • Exhibits high levels of emotional intelligence
  • Strategic thinker
  • Loves McDonalds but doesn't eat there every day
  • Critical analysis off the charts
  • Lukewarm believer in the basketball "eye test"
  • A better leader of men than Coach K
  • Leads with the heart
  • Not obsessed with winning
  • A better cross-over dribble than Tim Hardaway
  • A better scorer than Doug McDermott
  • Better than Michael Jordan as a sophomore in high school but then MJ improved a lot
  • Excellent problem solving skills
  • Knowledgeable of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Fortran, Cobal and computer programming
  • Loves Boz Scaggs and The Cars
  • 45 inch vertical leap
  • Organizes thoughts clearly
  • Simplifies complex subjects into succinct and powerful sound bytes
  • Loves reading, learning, and steakhouses that offer 2 bottles of A1 sauce
  • Never wastes time except to watch sports all the time on ESPN
  • Team builder
  • Inspirational speaker---people hang on every word he says

Any self-respecting employer would hire me if they could get over their concerns with my McDonalds fetish.

Similarly, anybody would hire one guy in March Madness who has about as blind a resume as any of the guys likely to have a big impact on the tournament. In his case I mean blind in that many people haven't studied his resume.  He is Nate Wolters, a slick point guard from South Dakota State. Check out this resume:

  • Selected to All American team as a player
  • Selected Academic All Summit League Honors as a student
  • Projected to be NBA second round draft pick
  • Averages 22 points per game
  • Averages 5.8 assists per game
  • Averages 5.6 rebounds per game
  • Shoots 81 percent from free throw line
  • Shoots 49 percent from the field
  • Averages 1.8 steals
  • Led South Dakota State to first NCAA Division I tournament
  • Became first 2,000 point scorer in school history
  • Active participant in numerous community projects including visiting schools and retirement homes around Brookings, South Dakota and reading to local elementary school kids.
  • Volunteers at Harvest Table, an organization that provides free meals at no cost and volunteers in the university's "Kids Zone" during football tailgating.
  • Volunteered to help sandbag during floods in Pierre, South Dakota
  • Washed the feet of kids and put new shoes and socks on them as part of a Samaritan's Feet project.
  • Helps assemble and load solar ovens and food for shipping to Haiti.
  • Worked with the Flandreau Indian School Success Academy, which is an early and intensive college prop program for Native American high school students.

What's particularly noteworthy about Wolters heading into the tournament is his team plays against Michigan and All American point guard Trey Burke, who has quite a resume himself but is much better known nationally. He's been on national TV this season at least a half dozen times. These two are arguably the two best at their position in the nation. Watching them show off their skills will be one of the most entertaining games of the tournament. My guess is they will guard each other, which will be theatrically compelling.

Many people may not know this, but Wolters' stats surpass Burke's in several categories such as points per game, rebounds per game, field goal percentage and free throw percentage. Burke is just a hair below in these but you could make the case that Wolters should be first team all American ahead of Burke.  He's a much better rebounder, a better ball handler, a better outside shooter, and better free throw shooter.  I love Burke's game, but I love how Wolters plays even more, especially his ball-handling and passing and knock-down shooting touch.

Whether blind or not, resumes don't lie. Seeing what's on the resume of Nate Wolters, he's got the best blind one in March Madness.



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