So, Mike Rice, how's your day going?

Let's tell it like it is: It was idiotic at best for you to think you could get away with what you were doing during your Rutgers basketball practices with the doors closed and, you thought, nobody watching your abusive practices. Seriously, are you out of your mind? Yesterday as I watched the video of you rifling basketballs at your players, pushing them around, and verbally insulting them with bigoted slurs, you made me wonder about what deep problems you have.

I'm not a psychiatrist. But I'd say you need to go see one today.

You must be borderline insane to have thought your abuses wouldn't get found out. A sensible person would rationalize this way: If I want to keep my job, don't abuse kids. The fact that you did this has me convinced you are not sensible and deeply disturbed at best. You were not thinking rationally. Maybe you are to be pitied more than excoriated because you can't control your behavior. But at least for today, for what you did you need a dose of the latter.

Who did you think you were, big shot, screwing with the minds of college-aged kids by belittling them and physically abusing them? It's apparent now that if anyone should have been belittled-and no one ever should-it's you. It's obvious why you employed these tactics, and they all revolved around you. You figured by scaring, insulting, and intimidating them you would get them to play harder and better. By doing that they would win more games, your coaching record would improve. By winning more you would be better positioned to get a better, higher paying job with a more prestigious basketball program, a bigger house, fancier car, the whole bit. Like Shakespeare's Macbeth, your ambition caused your downfall. So often it does in this world.

You abused kids for your own selfish reasons. Is there anything worse?

You thought you had ultimate power over them because they were your players and they wanted playing time. You figured if they didn't do what you said, you could bench them. You thought they would take your crap because they feared you. You held all the power, or so you thought. You figured they were na??ve enough to figure that the way you were abusing them was acceptable because, well, you're an adult and adults know better than kids how to act. You took advantage of their youthfulness and desire to become better basketball players. You didn't teach them how to love basketball, become better teammates and learn skills that would enable them to be transferred into achieving great heights in their adult lives. You didn't prepare them how to behave in the adult world. You taught them how to be childish and immature. You taught them how to be mean, manipulative, and selfish. You taught them how to cheat the system, cut corners and do whatever it takes to get ahead. Some life lesson you imparted. What a fool you were.

I had a high school basketball coach who yelled at me a lot. He told me I wasn't a good basketball player and many other negative things about my personality. He often asked me, condescendingly, who dressed me in the morning? The implication was I didn't know how to dress myself. These were the last words I needed to hear at that time in my life. Seeking confidence and reassurance, I felt down about my talent and who I was as a person. He made me feel inadequate, no good. To this day I am affected by his insults.

When you were abusing your players, I bet you didn't consider the long term effects of what you said would have on them thirty or forty years down the road? I bet you didn't consider that they might not reach their potential in professional life because they didn't believe in themselves and their abilities because you didn't and told them so? I bet you didn't think about how they may have to spend tens of thousands of dollars on psychiatric care throughout their lives because they didn't feel they were worthwhile people because you made them feel that way?

I bet you didn't think about any of that. You only thought about yourself, right Mike? This was all about you and what you wanted. Not your players. Not their futures. Just you.







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