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 Bernard King (Left) Carmelo Anthony (Right)

        "The Garden was packed. Bernard King was giving the Nets the business! He was stoppin and poppin, coasting and toasting! All hail the king!" This is what Spike lee recalls from Bernard King (Specifically his 60 point game).


Let's fill in the blanks with recent events.


         "The Garden was packed." Carmelo Anthony was giving the Heat the business! He was stoppin and poppin, coasting and toasting! All hail the king!" Notice how all I had to change was one name and one team.


          At the very end of the Bernard King/Nets commercial, Spike Lee says, "You know what, you never know who will wear the crown next." During this line, they show a picture of Carmelo Anthony. This is obviously implying the comparison of Melo and King.


         I have thought about this comparison a lot and I have done enough research to show people the comparison. There are the obvious comparisons, but then there are unknown comparisons. Let's start with the obvious comparisons.


          Scoring: Come on. The NBA made a commercial about King scoring 60 points and just a week ago Melo scored 50 points on the Heat. They can stop and shoot like no one else. They don't stop there. In the post, they are dominant and can post up anyone. All their attributes add up to them averaging these career stats: Carmelo: 25 PPG (28.4 PPG this year, and is leading league in scoring). Bernard King: 22.5 (Averaged 32.9 PPG in 1985 and lead league in scoring in 1985).


          Position/Size: King and Melo are known to be forwards who are fast enough to drive, but big enough to post up. Melo is 6'8 and 220 LBS, while King is 6'7 and 210 LBS. In the 60 point game for King, he made 19 field goals. In the 50 point game for Melo, he made 18 field goals. They can both drive and shoot from abnormal spots.


           Defense: Neither of them were great on the defensive end. Melo sometimes doesn't try (However, this year Woodson has forced him to hustle on defense) and King didn't try on defense either. If Melo can improve his defense, he will have a huge advantage on King. They both only average 1 steal a game and they don't even average 1 block a game. Their defensive ratings are poor too. They both have an average of 107 defensive rating (Slightly below average).


Now that we have seen the obvious categories, let's see the less obvious categories.


          Clutch: Both of these players are clutch. Anthony is one of the best closers in today's game. Bernard was just unstoppable at all times. He scored non-stop in the 4th quarter. You also see his PPG rise in the playoffs. In the end, they were both great clutch players.


            Rebounding: Since they both play a lot of the game in the post, they get a lot of rebounds. We see Carmelo today just shove people out of the way and put the ball back up and score. Bernard did the same thing. Once he got the rebound he was powering in or shooting a 5 foot jump shot. Carmelo and Bernard both average 6 rebounds a game. Of the possible rebounds in the games they played in, they rebounded about 10% of all rebounds.


            Passing: Neither of them are spectacular passers. Carmelo is sometimes known to be a ball hog. However, I believe Carmelo passes when he knows he can't score. Still, he only averages 3 assists per game. King was sometimes known to be a ball hog. However, I can only say this from other people's memory. King averaged 3 assists per game also.


            Conclusion: I have to go with Carmelo over King. He is a better scorer (Higher PPG), a better rebounder (Higher PPG), and he plays faster/stronger with a bigger body. King never won, and now Melo has a chance to up King in that category.


Winner: Carmelo Anthony


April 11, 2013  03:01 PM ET

Great job - King was clutch some times, Melo seems to have more consistency. I think Melo has better pieces around him than Bernard did. I do agree Melo plays stronger and faster and as a Knick fan I really hope that he can win.

April 13, 2013  09:41 PM ET

Your two pictures say a lot, CJ. Bernard loved what he did, Carmelo needs to be loved. Bernie (and his weightier competition) win by a basket.


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