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The Los Angeles Lakers go into Sundays game against the San Antonio Spurs without the "Mamba King" Kobe Bryant. The drama of the Lakers dream season has morphed into a kind of Star Wars movie, as the ruler of the Lakers Nation The Mamba King is wounded in a battle of survival to gain the crown. As the soldiers of the Lakers Nation win the battle of survival, they may have lost the war to regain the crown of the basketball universe. The Mamba King places the control of the universal star ship "The USS LakeShow" in the hands of commander Blake. The reason why I say Blake instead of Nash is that Blake has been playing the most consistent basketball, and personally I think Blake should be the starting point guard for the rest of the season and through the playoffs. So with Commander Blake leading a rag-tag group of super heroes of the Pacific realm of the basketball universe, Commander Blake must rally his troops for another battle of survival. To help in war time strategy will be of course Professor Nash, the head of the science of basketball of the pacific realm. To fortify the defenses of the USS LakeShow the Mamba King places "The D Warrior" Dwight Howard in charge. The reason I say the "D Warrior" instead of Superman is because when Lowis Lane comes around, Superman is nowhere to be found. Two: when the cryptonite hits the seen, Superman gets sick and turns green. With the "D Warrior" you get a person in the tradition of the Roman or Greek Gladiators. The Movie 300. Defending the motherland until the death. That's the "D Warrior" Dwight Howard! To help facilitate the offensive troops into battle will be the giant prince of the Hesperian realms "El Ca-bong" Pau Gasol. The first and second gunners of the USS LakeShow will be specialist Meeks and "Ace Gunner" Jamison. And for "Special Ops" Commander Blake has "The Metta Man" World Peace and The Mercenary Mr. Clark. The battle of survival against the tyrants of the San Antonian Galaxy may be another costly one. Which realm will the force be with in this most important Sunday evening battle? THE BASKETBALL MIND FREEZE RUMORS are as wacky and unimaginable as ever! Magic Johnson was allegedly heard screaming: Give me a brick so can knock the *$ #& out of D'Antoni! How can you not get Kobe even three minutes rest?. Kurt Rambis allegedly had to be placed in handcuff after trying to pile-drive D'Antonis brother through the basketball court at Staples. Was herd yelling: That idiot can't even diagram a tick-tack-toe board let alone a basketball play. I should be the coach! Me! Me! Me! Mitch Crack Pipe; I mean Kupchak passes out and was rushed to a near by hospital and the diagnosis was a mental break down cause by the trauma of hearing the bad news on Kobe Bryant. Jim Buzz was allegedly seen walking in front of Staples with a half gallon of Jack Daniels cursing and yelling from the top of his lungs, things unimaginable. King James and the Miami Funk mob was heard after a party after the party: Can you say two in a row? We can! TOTAL BASKETBALL MIND FREEZE!


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