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Ok.. i haven't been on here in a long time so i'll take this chance to vent...the Avs fell short of the playoffs this year for the first time in franchise history. That has got to say something.  Evidently getting rid of so many of our best players didn't have the positive effect management thought it would I guess.  But with the stellar decision to release Blake to free agency you may begin to ponder about the intellect of the decision makers upstairs.  Ummm.. you could have gotten SOMETHING for the best offensive defense player in the league at least. 

Then of course there's the beautiful trade of Tanguay for Leopold.... can we say IR?  I'm sure Leopold can play, afterall he is in the NHL...but who can tell, when the man is on IR pretty much every game.   Groin injury? c'mon...i read somewhere that Skrastins has played with broken bones and what about Crosby playing with a broken ankle? seems as though we need to find more MEN for this game and for our team. 

And while i'm on this rant... does anyone even know who Paul Stastny is?  This kid came out of nowhere.. hanging in with the vets and yet all you hear is Malkin this and Staal that.  Seems as though everytime the Avs have a rookie worth being noted nobody wants to note them...oh sure.. you hear his name once in a while..very rare of course..never gets the recognition from the press that he deserves. 

While there are still so many things that can be commented on about trading choices and player aquisitions this year.. i will cut to the best and worst part of the whole season in my opinion....for all those Theodore fans out there - say it with me now - BACKUP GOALIE.... finally after watching Jose "where's the puck again" Theodore consistently put this team further and further back from actual contention, management finally made one good decision and replaced our starting goaltender with someone who can actually stop a puck or two BEFORE it goes in the net.  yes that's right fans.. Peter Budaj is now the starting goaltender.  The only part of this decision that is bad.. is the fact that those oh so intelligent higher ups came to this conclusion sadly way too late...there wasn't really much that Budaj could do to get us back in the playoffs.

I'm sure some of you Theodore fans out there are saying..."budaj lost games too" but here's the lowdown people: a goalie's job is to keep the game within reach.. the whole game. A concept Theodore still has yet to grasp.  oh and by the way... playing over 25 games straight with one or two breaks you can't expect Budaj to win them all.  Here's to hoping for better decisions, better trades, getting into the playoffs and bringing that beautiful cup back to Denver next season.


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