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Who's goin to take the chip from the Spurs this season? Or will the Spurs repeat? The Lakeshow has a good shot this year and the almost invincible Celtics look like the immediate favorite. Lebron and the Cavs show some promise when they are on they're game and the Pistons gritty play always has them as a contender. The Suns look very good on paper with shaq on the team, shaq could be the missing piece to get a ring for the Suns. Dallas could even get there if they get hot in the playoffs but everyone remembers last years playoffs with those Warriors. Then you got all the pretenders like Orlando, G.S, Toronto, Utah,Denver,Washington, I say pretenders because they just dont seem like upper echlon playoff teams.

Im a Laker fan and I don't even know if they have the team to beat in the League, but they sure do seem like the trendy pick this season after the aquisition of Gasol. The Suns and the Spurs are the only team in the west that seems like they'll give the Lakers a run for they're money. The east is tough in the Playoffs, the Celtics might seem like the clear cut eastern conference champs but they have some stiff competition in the Pistons and in my opinion the Cavs. The Pistons are an all-around good team, nothing spectacular they just play good tough ball on both ends of the court.  The Cavs are a problem too they got Lebron and basically the rest of the guys that were in the finals last year why cant they do it again, Lebron is that good. Well i got the Suns and Lakers in the western conference finals and the Celtics and Cavs in the eastern conference finals. Lakers win naturally shaq made the suns change they're play to much and the Celtics put the Cavs away in 6, too much Garnett.

Now this is the problem i dont know who is going to win in a classic matchup of the Celtics and Lakers. So im going to the player matchups.

Derek Fisher vs Rajon Rondo, I think this is even. While Fish can knock down jumpers and 3's, Rajon can run that team and he is very pesky on defense forcing turnovers. Even

Kobe Bryant vs Ray Allen, I dont think either player can be held when hot but Kobe is better at defense and getting to the hole both players have been clutch before as well but if i need someone shooting the last shot then it's got to be Kobe. Edge Lakers

Lamar Odom vs Paul Pierce, This has to be an even one while Lamar can do everything so can Pierce. Pierce looks slow and out of control sometimes but so does Odom so this one will be a good match-up. Even

Pau Gasol vs Kevin Garnett, K.G is the man nuff said about him. As dangerous a player as Gasol is with Kobe and Bynum on his side, K.G is still K.G he's going to bring it 48 minutes a night on Defense and Offense and Gasol will have a problem containing him. Edge Celtics

Andrew Bynum vs Kendrick Perkins, Perkins is a big body that will be able to push Bynum out of position sometimes and will play solid "D", but Bynum will be to long and athletic for Perkins to defend over an entire game he'll get in foul trouble and Bynum will dominate. Edge Lakers

The Lakers bench is much deeper right now than the Celtics but who knows come playoffs. Lakers got guys that have been to the show before and so do the Celtics so im goin to match this one up evenly. Even

It's going to come down to the Coaching and you know who has the edge on this one Phil=9, Doc=0 so yeh Lakers have the edge on this one. Edge Lakers

This series is goin to go the distance and the Lakers are goin to come out on top. Kobe, Phil, Fish, and Luke Walton have been there before and with the addition of Gasol and Bynum being healthy, things will be a wrap.


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