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The Stack is back on this Monday after a weekend full of playoff basketball as every series has started, but one story tops them all. Time to find out what that could be and the other top stories in "the stack" for today, Monday, April 22:

Darrelle Revis traded to the Bucs

After weeks and months of talk about trading their star cornerback, the New York Jetes finally traded Darrelle Revis.  And they traded him to the team that everyone anticipated, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  The Jets will receive the Bucs 2013 first round pick and a conditional pick in 2014, most likely a fourth round pick.  Revis agreed to a new six-year deal worth $96 million so the Bucs obviously were willing to pay him handsomly in hopes that he regains his "Revis Island" form that he showed for years prior to his torn ACL he suffered last year.  In fact he is now the highest paid cornerback in NFL history, but no guarantee money is included.

The Jets seemed ready to part with Revis the moment the season ended.  New general manager  John Idzik seemed ready to part with him provided he could get the right deal.  Make no mistake about it, Revis was the best player on the Jets.  They are going to be really bad next year.  The Jets did win in this trade by getting another first round pick, but we'll have to wait and see who the Jets draft.  They may draft good players, but it won't work out great this year.  Tampa Bay seems to be the real winners here provided Revis is going to be close to the form he was prior to last year's ACL tear.  They get a shutdown cornerback who is the best in the game when healthy (sorry Richard Sherman).  And in a division with two great quarterbacks and an up-and-coming quarterback in Cam Newton in Carolina, Revis is a huge addition.

The traded changes the landscape of the NFL, but maybe not to the extent that some seem to think.  Yes now Revis isn't haunting the AFC East and Tom Brady, but the Jets were going to be terrible this year even with Revis.  Miami looks to be the second best team in the division and the New England Patriots are clearly the best team in the division.  Where the landscape really changes is in the NFC South.  You have Drew Brees, Matt Ryan and Newton.  Brees and Ryan lead prolific passing attacks while Newton should make a huge leap of improvement in year three.  Revis will be relied on to slow down these quarterbacks, take away an option.  He can do that, but it's going to be a lot more difficult than the quarterbacks he saw in the AFC East outside of Brady.  And until he is one hundred percent, the quarterbacks will still be just fine.  One thing is certain though, Revis definitely will make his impact felt in more than just New York and Tampa although they'll be feeling the impacts far more.


NBA playoff thoughts

The NBA playoffs tipped off Saturday and for the most part, they were fairly boring.  All eight home teams won the opener, the first time that has happened since 2004.  Golden State-Denver was clearly the best game with the Nuggets winning 97-95 with a layup with just over a second left.  Golden State looked really good and could win this series, but it will be far more difficult with David Lee out for the remainder of the playoffs after tearing his right hip flexor.

The New York Knicks struggled with the Boston Celtics, but ended up winning 85-78 behind Carmelo Anthony's 36 points.  He didn't pass a lot though and took 29 shots. That is too much.  The Knicks need more contribution from the other players, but they needd Anthony not to take as many shots yet still find a way to score his points.

The other games were boring.  Brooklyn (over Chicago), the L.A. Clippers (over Memphis), Indiana (over Atlanta), San Antonio (over the L.A. Lakers) Miami (over Milwaukee) and OKC (over Houston) all won convincingly by double digits.  It was boring.  Don't want to go overboard and say we won't have any series, but it kind of looks like there are clearly better teams in each of these series we might be lucky to see six games in most of them.  Of course with two or three days in between games in some of these series, maybe that will help.  It's a little ridiculous.  Two games on the schedule tonight.

Chicago Bulls @ Brooklyn Nets 8:00 PM ET TNT (Nets lead series 1-0)

Memphis Grizzlies @ L.A. Clippers 10:30 PM ET TNT (Clippers lead series 1-0)


The NHL is down to it's last week of the regular season before the playoffs start early next week, the NFL Draft starts Thursday and the NBA playoffs have started not to mention the baseball season.  There is a lot going on.  Enjoy the week everyone.

Coming up Tuesday: NBA Monday playoff reaction plus other top stories


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