I had heard of Kyle Korver when he played for Creighton. Living in Terre Haute, IN and being an Indiana State Sycamores fan, I hated him. I saw him play in a Creighton-Indiana State matchup at Hulman Center in Terre Haute and wasn't that impressed. When I heard he had been drafted to play in the NBA in 2003, I didn't think he'd last a year.

A couple of years later, I happened to be flipping through TV channels and was shocked to see him in the Foot Locker Three-Point Shootout and wondered why the 76ers kept him on their team. Since I followed the NBA sporadically at the time, I didn't know that he was one of the NBA's best three-point shooters.

I lost track of him until 2010 when I saw him in a Bulls uniform. The Bulls are one of my favorite teams, and I wasn't sure if I liked Korver being a part of one of my favorite teams. But I came to appreciate his three point shooting ability if it helped the Bulls to a win.

Conversely, if he missed a bunch of three-pointers, I'd get mad at him and have thoughts such as, "You made life miserable for the Indiana State Sycamores when you were a Creighton Blue Jay by making a bunch of 3-pointers, and now that you're a Bull, you're making my life miserable by missing a bunch of them!"

Then something very strange happened. I wasn't aware that Korver had been traded to the Atlanta Hawks until his name was mentioned at the beginning of a broadcast of their Dec. 29 game against the Indiana Pacers. It totally surprised me not only that Korver actually was a starter for the Hawks but that I was happy that he was now in that role. And even though I was upset the Hawks beat the Pacers, I was happy every time he made a 3-point basket. I
didn't know what to make of my changes in feelings concerning him.

When the Hawks played the Pacers on Feb. 4, I was working on the computer, so I thought I'd check the ESPN website to see how the Pacers were doing. When I saw that Korver hadn't scored that many points, I was laughing with glee. I thought I was back to where I was concerning how I felt about him. But when he made a couple of free throws and 3-pointer late in the game, I thought he should have done that earlier. But since the Pacers won and
Korver's lack of scoring helped them get the win, I'm not sure why I was mad.

Korver once again entered my radar when Pacers' play-by-play announcer Chris Denari mentioned Korver's 3-pt consecutive game streak on a FOX Sports Indiana broadcast. When I saw the news that he had passed Reggie Miller's mark for consecutive games with a 3-point basket on Apr. 3, I was a little sad that he had to pass up Miller in order to get a record, but I also was thrilled that a former Chicago Bull and former Missouri Valley Conference player was on track to set a NBA record. So when it turned out that the Hawks would play the Pacers in the first round of the NBA Playoffs, I was happy that it was an opportunity not only to see the Pacers in post season play but also see Korver chase history.  

On Sunday, as the announcer announced Kyle Korver's name, there was a lot of booing, but I was silent. While I was happy the Pacers were winning after the Hawks scored the first eight points of the game, I kept tabs on Korver to see if he made a 3-point shot. When he made his only 3-point shotof the game, it was anticlimactic. I was like, "OK, streak continues, don't
care what you do for the rest of the game." It was much more thrilling to see Paul George achieve his second triple-double of the year on the way to a Pacer victory.

Nevertheless, when I go to Game 2 of the Pacers-Hawks first round series tomorrow night at Bankers Life Fieldhouse, I'll hope that Korver does keep his streak alive, but it will make me just as happy if he scores only five points in the game as he did in Game 1 of the series, and I'll be even happier if the Pacers can once again beat the Hawks.
April 25, 2013  06:29 AM ET

I was a little sad that he had to pass up Miller in order to get a record

You kind of have to pass up everyone (not just Miller) to get a record... that's how records work.


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