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Wow!  And with that, the first round and first night of the 2013 NFL Draft is in the books.  And what a round it was.  The Stack is here to talk about some of the storylines from round one even though it may be shorter so let's get right to it and see what made "the stack" for today, Friday, April 26:

First round of 2013 NFL Draft wraps up

So round one, day one of the 2013 NFL Draft is complete, but the buzz is just beginning and the Minnesota Vikings stole the show.  We'll get to them shortly.  Congrats to Eric Fisher from Central Michigan, who was the number one overall pick in this year's draft.  The Kansas City Chiefs selected a fanchise tackle who will protect Alex Smith and future Chiefs quarterbacks.  Way to represent the MAC.  The Jacksonville Jaguars followed suit by drafting OT Luke Joeckel from Texas A&M.  Has a little Tony Boselli in him.  Full first round picks can be found here.  Here are some facts from the first round...

  • Eric Fisher became the fourth offensive lineman ever to be selected number one overall.
  • Fisher and Luke Joeckel became the first offensive tackles taken 1,2 ever and the first pair of offensive lineman to be taken 1,2 since 1968.
  • No running backs were selected in the first round for the first time in 50 years.
  • The Minnesota Vikings had three first round draft picks.  The last time that happened was 2001 when the St. Louis Rams also had three first round picks.
  • Alabama had three consecutive players selected 9, 10 and 11, the first time a school has had three consecutive players drafted in the first round ever.
  • 9 Offensive lineman and 9 defensive lineman taken

But there are plenty more storylines from Thursday night.  The New York Jets selected Alabama CB Dee Milliner with the ninth overall pick in a move that fills the gaping hole left by Darrelle Revis, but Milliner will always be in Revis' shadow.  Then the Jets pulled off the puzzling move of drafting DT Sheldon Richardson when there was a tight end in Tyler Eifert on the board and other players that would have helped the Jets more.  You need help on the offensive side of the ball too Rex.  The Jets didn't come through Thursday night.

The Buffalo Bills pulled the shocking pick of the night by taking quarterback E.J. Manuel from Florida State with the sixteenth overall pick.  Manuel looked to be the third best quarterback in the draft and it had been reported/rumored for days that the Bills loved Ryan Nassib from Syracuse.  Nassib or Geno Smith should have been the first quarterback taken.  Not so fast my friends.  Hope this pans out for the good fans in Buffalo.

Then there was Minnesota.  Equipped with two first round draft picks thanks to the tradde that sent Percy Harvin to Seattle, the Vikings reloaded their defense, but not by taking Manti Te'o.  No, they get a steal in DT Sharrif Floyd from Florida who was a top five pick in many mock drafts leading up to Thursday.  Add CB Xavier Rhodes two picks later and the Vikings defense looked much better.  Then the trade of the night.  The Vikings climbed back into the first round by sending their 2nd, 3rd, a 4th and a 7th round pick (4 picks total) to the New England Patriots for the 29th overall pick in which they took...WR Cordarrelle Patterson from Tennessee.  He has a lot of talent, but is he worth four picks?   Feel like the Patriots swindled the Vikings a little bit here.  Plus the Vikings still have a need at middle linebacker.  Who will fill that spot?  Not Te'o.  Brian Urlacher anyone?  Still, the Vikings came away with three starters Thursday night.  They are the big winners of day one.

There are still plenty of good players left that should go pretty fast on Friday.  Quarterbacks Geno Smith and Matt Barkley remain.  I've already mentioned Te'o. WR Robert Woods from USC.  Running backs. Rounds two and three will see significant value for teams.  Friday night is going to be fun.

And before I go, didn't do too bad in picking the top ten.  Got six of the first seven.  Not trying to toot my own horn, but that's pretty good.


Coming up Monday: NFL Draft reaction plus NBA playoff thoughts and other top stories from the weekend


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