With the first pick in the NFL draft, the NFL selects an Alabama superstar football player. With the second pick in the NFL draft, the NFL selects and an Alabama superstar football player.

With the entire first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth round picks in the NFL draft, the NFL selects all Alabama football players both currently on the team and all of their redshirt players and back-up punters and kickers.

There was no need to watch the NFL draft yesterday. You knew what would happen. Alabama this, Alabama that. Put your left Alabama foot in. Put your right Alabama foot out. Put your left Alabama foot in. And you shake it all about. The Crimson Tide rolled.

The players on these teams over the past few years have dominated the day. As a team over the past five years, they have been the unequivocal best in college football, having won three national titles. The race is now for second place. With 25 ESPN top 50 high school players entering the program as freshman this season, many of whom are sure to be first rounders in a few years, the NFL draft will continue to be Alabama Day.

Alabama's dominance on draft day and during the season will continue. College football has become a non-event. Alabama is the story, was the story, and will be the story. I don't know what head coach Nick Saban does to get these great players  to play great, but he does. My guess is he yells and screams at them a lot and puts them in a regular state of fear of him. Winning coaches tend to roll that way.

Seriously, if there any reason to follow college football next season? Is there any drama left? No one can beat 'Bama in the big one. That's been proven over and over lately. I haven't watched any of their national championship games. There is no drama there. There is no there there. It doesn't depend on what the definition of is is. 'Bama will win it all.

A damn dynasty equals dullsville. What a bummer.

In the NFL, by contrast, excitement and intrigue prevail. Nothing is more intriguing to me than the New York Jets who, by the way, took an Alabama defensive back in the first round. Smart pick. He's from Alabama so by definition is a rock star talent with unbelievable athletic coordination, quickness and speed. Saban doesn't take anyone on his team without these traits. They all want to play for him; he has the pick of the litter.

For their next pick, my suggestion to the Jets would be draft another Alabama player. Maybe, say, a quarterback; he's bound to be super talented. Saban wouldn't have it any other way.

Within the Jets community, I'm sensing some minor angst and unrest about how they're going to move forward successfully at this key position. Mark Sanchez has had his difficulties of late. His savior back-up Tim Tebow hasn't been heard from since, it seems, the Rex Ryan foot fetish scandal broke what seems like 10 years ago.

Go with the sure thing. Roll Jets Roll.




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