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The Stack is here on this Monday morning ready to talk NFL Draft recap and more so let's get right to it and see what made "the stack" for today, Monday, April 29:

NFL Draft is in the books

The 2013 NFL Draft is over and it certainly didn't lack drama not with the trades we saw Thursday night and the quarterbacks we saw fall deep into the draft.  Geno Smith went #39 to the New York Jets, certainly causing a quarterback controversy and perhaps shoving Mark Sanchez out the door.  How about Matt Barkley and Ryan Nassib falling and falling hard?  Both quarterbacks weren't drafted until Saturday with both going in the fourth round.  Barkley certainly has a chance to one day start going to the Philadelphia Eagles while Nassib went to the New York Giants.  Feel bad for Nassib who for the last week or so looked as though he would be the number eight overall pick by the Buffalo Bills and get the starting job.  

Then there was linebacker Manti Te'o who saw his first round stock fall after the fake girlfriend hoax and then see the Minnesota Vikings pass over him three times in the first round and the Vikings were rumored to really want Te'o.  Baltimore also passed on Te'o as did other linebacker needy teams like Chicago and the New York Giants.  San Diego was happy to move up in the second round and get Te'o with the 38th overall pick.  Te'o will be a good pro and San Diego made a great move jumping up to get him. 

Congrats to South Carolina running back Marcus Lattimore, who despite the gruesome knee injury he suffered this year was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers in the fourth round.  Wish nothing but the best for him.  Hope he can make the roster.  His teammate, tight end Justice Cunningham, is Mr. Irrelevant, selected at pick #254, the final pick in the NFL Draft.  We've seen before several players make rosters and become pretty good players being Mr. Irrelevant like Kansas City Chiefs kicker Ryan Succop.  Those are just a few storylines that stood out from the draft.  Here are a few winners and losers...


Minnesota Vikings- Thursday night pretty much solidified a winning draft for the Vikings with the three first round picks.  They all will either start or contribute significantly right away.  A couple of linebackers and offensive lineman on day three add depth to the Vikings.  Great draft.

Green Bay Packers- Once again general manager Ted Thompson pulled off a great draft.  The Packers found a couple of good running backs in Eddie Lacy from Alabama and Jonathan Franklin from UCLA.  They will help the Packers become more balanced on offense and give the Packers a running game they've lacked for the most part.  Love their draft.

Cincinnati Bengals- Bengals really helped quarterback Andy Dalton by adding more weapons in tight end Tyler Eifert and running back Giovani Bernard.  Add to that a couple of defensive pieces and it's not hard to think that the Bengals are the favorites to win the AFC North this year.

Miami Dolphins- Still not a huge fan of the Dion Jordan pick for the Dolphins, but being able to move up nine spots to the #3 overall pick for just a second round (#42) makes you a winner in my book.  That was some swindle.


New York Jets- Don't love the Sheldon Richardson choice when the Jets had so many other needs and they certainly are bringing in a little circus by selecting Geno Smith in the second round.  Trading for Saints running back Chris Ivory is a plus, but the Jets are a bad team who look as though they could have the number one overall pick in the 2014 draft.

Dallas Cowboys- Drafting center Travis Frederick at #31 in the first round is puzzling considering he was a third round talent by many analysts.  Dallas overall didn't have a strong draft which should make some Cowboys fans wonder if Jerry Jones really does need a general manager to call the shots.

Oakland Raiders- Doing this more because they didn't get half as much as they should have received from the Miami Dolphins for the #3 overall pick.  You have to demand more if your the Raiders.  They filled some holes, but this team is really bad and has a lot of holes to plug.  A few more picks from the Dolphins would have helped.


Lakers, Bucks swept

Not too surprising, but the Milwaukee Bucks were swept by the Miami Heat following an 88-77 loss.  So much Brandon Jennings prediction that the Bucks would win 4-2.  Bucks were under .500.  They had no chance in this series.  The Heat will get a while to rest before a date with what looks like the Chicago Bulls looms.

The Los Angeles Lakers had no chance against the San Antonio Spurs following the injuries to Steve Nash and Steve Blake, but the debacle by the team at home against the Spurs is a tad surprising and disappointing.  Dwight Howard was ejected early in last night's game and the Lakers would up losing 103-82.  At least the Lakers only lost by 20 points instead of the 40 they lost by Friday night.  Embarrassing.  The Lakers have some things to work on before next season tips off.  Don't fire Mike D'Antoni though.  Injuries really derailed this season.

The Boston Celtics staved off elimination following their 97-90 overtime win over the New York Knicks.  They won't be swept, but New York will win next game and the series will be over.

And watch out for Golden State who knocked off Denver 115-101.  Steph Curry went bananas scoring 31 points, 24 of those in the second half.  The Warriors are looking really good.  They'll win this series and the rest of the western conference should watch out.  The Warriors are here and they want to stay a little while longer.

Tonight's schedule includes...

Chicago Bulls @ Brooklyn Nets 7 PM ET TNT (Bulls lead series 3-1)

Indiana Pacers @ Atlanta Hawks 7:30 PM ET NBA TV (Pacers lead series 2-1)

Oklahoma City Thunder @ Houston Rockets 9:30 PM ET TNT (Thunder lead series 3-0)


Coming up Tuesday: NHL playoff preview


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