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             Here is a quick hit on the Cowboys. As a fan of the Cowboys, I am just like all the other Cowboy fan's. Before the draft I was asked what I thought the Cowboys were going to do with the 18th pick, I said they were finally going to replace Darren Woodson, was I ever wrong. I think the feeling I had when they didn't, was like 85% of all the other Cowboy fan's. You have to expect now they never will replace Woodson. My take on the draft was they did hardly  anything that was going to help them this coming year. This draft was about the future, finding replacements for Whitten, Austin and Scandrick and maybe one more. The other thing I think they did was trying to work the cap to have the money to resign Tyron Smith, Sean Lee and Dez Bryant when the time comes. I think they really missed big time on not drafting a Quarterback in the 2012 draft, that draft was QB heavy. Romo has never had another QB to compete against, somebody that could push him and put the fear of loosing his job in his mind. In retrospect it has been that way for everybody. When Jimmy Johnson was coaching, all of the starters were put on notice, they always knew Jimmy would bench you or cut you if you weren't giving 100%, on Monday's each player was always looking at the cutting board at 8:00 am before getting dressed. There is another thing about todays Cowboys and that is not having a leader on the team. Three or four year's ago Ray Lewis didn't have a contract and Dallas drafted the half brother of Ray Lewis, I think his name was Lissimore, the spelling may be incorrect. That year Lewis had made it known that he wanted to sign with the Cowboys, even though I'm not a big fan of Lewis, I did welcome him to sign with Dallas... just for his leadership. Time goes by so fast these day that it probably was longer than I said it was, it may have been when TO was there. As fan's we just want them to win and not be embarrassed from stupid stuff like icing your own kicker and all the stupid penalties they have over and over. I do feel for the Fan's  and I am one but each season I find myself watching less and less of the Cowboy games. 
May 11, 2013  03:30 PM ET

Given Jerry's history, abilities and accomplishments with Cowboys (to '95), there's no good excuse for his team being mired in mediocrity for well over a decade. You can point to drafts, current players or pick-ups that never happened, all relevant, but Dallas' state rests in the hands of Jones whom I believe lost his zeal for winning titles. His spectacular, newish stadium is now his pride & joy. Cowboys' fans and the League deserve better and all should let the man know of their displeasure and how the well of patience is running dry. There's a duty that goes along with owning America's Team.

May 11, 2013  03:34 PM ET

The Cowboys still have one of the best if not the best cheerleaders in any professional sports.

May 11, 2013  09:58 PM ET

Can't say Cowboys did themselves any favors with this year's draft.. its going to be another long year for the fans of Big D

May 11, 2013  10:04 PM ET

I'll still watch every game but Jerruh needs to stop maing personnel decisions.

May 11, 2013  10:04 PM ET


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May 12, 2013  02:35 PM ET

The Cowboys' demise can be traced directly to the forcing out of Jimmy Johnson.

And then the hiring of some questionable coaches from then on

May 13, 2013  12:04 PM ET

And then the hiring of some questionable coaches from then on

likely a HC change coming after this season. the question is does JJ finally go out and get a real coach or another "yes" man?


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