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I check Fannation rarely these days, but I've been jumping on more so in the last week or so. The site hasn't changed much in the past 4 years. Fixes maybe, but no major improvement. Today though I noticed an update to the Fannation logo. They made some small detail changes but most obviously added more emphasis to Sports Illustrated and changed the subtitle from "The Republic of Sports" to "Truth, Rumors, and Video."

I for one am concerned. I think it's a sign of a change of focus, which I'm afraid will finally kill any fans and users left.

The Republic of Sports always meant to me a gathering place for fans. A way to connect, share and listen to what others have to say. Truth and Rumors is obviously a big part of the site, it's the home page that often spur hundreds of comments, but the rest of the site is filled with blogs written by avid sport fans many whom are trying to become budding sport writers, there are lots of groups of friends and fans, message boards full of conversation and heated debates in the Throwdowns.

It looks as if SI has finally admitted they don't want a "Republic of Sports" fans, they want an SI editorially operated Truth and Rumors blog with video (on a positive note maybe they'll finally kill the obnoxious auto play video in the sidebar).

The blogging platform has always captured my interest here. To be able to have a platform and network of sports fans it gave you both the means and audience to share your voice.

My prediction is that sooner rather than later I will come back to the site one day to have all that fan content wiped away with an rumors blog in its place.
May 17, 2013  03:19 PM ET

Hmmmm. I hadn't noticed that. Good observation and you may be right.

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May 17, 2013  03:29 PM ET

Show how much I pay attention.. hadn't noticed.. most of the fan blogs aren't worth the time to respond but there are a few that are.. also wish S.I. would treat all the Truth and Rumors threads equally instead of giving certain sport threads more than their fair share while leaving other threads without for weeks at a time.. while I do like my football.. I do know there is more going on in the sporting world than just the NFL.. wish S.I. knew that as well

May 20, 2013  03:07 PM ET

If I hadn't been bored with 'the usual' I never would have seen this blog and found out about the name change. As for the endless threads on the NFL side of the place I agree, it gets too many stories day and night while other sports are lucky if they get one new story a month. Still, this site is better than nothing.


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